Making Shaved and Rolled Baseball Bats

Many sports are recognizable from the equipment and balls used to play them, such as the racquets and net of tennis, or the helmets and goalposts of American football. Golf, for its part, is well known for its many clubs, little white golf balls, and well-maintained courses. Baseball, meanwhile, ranks among the most popular sports in the entire world, and it is especially popular in the United States and Japan. Amateur and pro players alike will need the right equipment for a good game, from leather catcher’s mitts to their uniforms to cleated shoes and of course, baseball and softball bats. Today’s bats can be made of either wood (often ash wood) or metal, and these bats can be doctored, if so desired. Rolled bats for sale can be found online, or a wooden bat’s owner can fnd local baseball bat shaving and rolling services who will help them. Shaved fastpitch softball bats are also a fine option. But what does it mean to roll or shave a bat, anyway? Will it make a difference?

Shaved Fastpitch Softball Bats For You

Metal baseball bats are a fairly recent invention, and they come in many different brand names. Some are meant for baseball, and others are designed for softball games for amateur or pro players alike. A metal bat is not solid; instead, it has a hollow metal body with padding on the inside, and that padding helps the bat maintain its shape and flexibility so it can strike balls without suffering damage. A metal bat off the shelf is ready for use, but the owner may want to find shaved fastpitch softball bats online, or they can take their metal bat to a rolling and shaving service for modification.

At such a service, the employees there will remove the bat’s end cap to expose the hollow interior, then place that bat on a lathe table. The bat is slowly fed to a rotating grinder, which will shave off a few ounces of the metal bat’s interior padding to achieve maximum results. Then the bat is removed and its end cap is put back in place, and it is ready for use. The idea here is that shaved fastpitch softball bats and baseball bats are more flexible after such doctoring, and they can strike balls further than regular bats can. This can give a player a real edge in a casual game, where league rules are not enforced.

Still, the owner of shaved fastpitch softball bats should be careful. During the shaving process, no padding should be removed from the handle, or else the bat becomes too fragile for use. The shaving company should also take care to not shave away too much material from the bat’s main body. Also, these metal bats suffer in temperatures below 65 degrees Fahrenheit, so they’re best used in warmer weather. Finally, take note that shaved bats are not allowed at sanctioned events.

Rolled Wooden Bats

Meanwhile, it is totally possible to doctor wooden bats, too. Ash bats have been used for many decades, and once a wooden bat is put to use, its fibers will begin to bend and break under the pressure of striking balls. This is to be desired, since a fully broken in bat will be more flexible and strike balls further. This takes time, though, and a player might not want to risk damaging their prized wooden bats during a long practice session. So, they can look online to order rolled bats for sale, and they can also buy a fresh wooden bat and take it to a shaving/rolling service.

A wooden bat can be passed through a series of pressurized rollers, and doing this will properly distress the bat and replicate hundreds of uses out on the game field. Still, care should be taken so the bat is not rolled too vigorously, or it will simply break instead. If this is done properly, a wooden bat will have the same properties as a fully broken in wooden bat, and this makes it an excellent substitute for prized broken-in bats during practice sessions. Rolled wood bats are also a fine choice for casual games, but they are forbidden in sanctioned and official games. Often, they can be identified by sight, anyway.

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