Science Behind Bat Shaving, Rolling and Accelerated Break-in Processes

Baseball or softball bat shaving and rolling are the two main processes used to magnify the trampoline effect and improve bat performance. However, these methods are not accepted in major tournaments and the regulating bodies consider them illegal — warranting penalties if one is found using doctored bats. The two processes, shaving and rolling, are Read More


Are You Getting to Play Any Softball Games This Summer?

What a strange summer. Armed with the latest shaved fastpitch softball bats and scheduled with the area’s best pitching and hitting coaches, this summer before your daughter’s junior year in high school was supposed to be busy. Instead, those shaved fastpitch softball bats have not made it out of the backyard until now. The fact Read More


Today’s Fitness Trends Create New Communities

Personal training today looks like a distribution chain: loaning out some of a trainer’s equipment to keep their peeps moving and feeling healthy. In fact, it seems like so many people in this service are really stepping up to provide everything possible to help anyone who wants to use exercise as a stress reliever. Stress Read More


When You Need Shaved or Rolled Softball Bats

A number of sports in the world are distinct due the gear used to play them, such as the racquets and nets in tennis, basketball hoops, and golf clubs. And of course, there’s also baseball and softball, which are wildly popular in North America and Japan. Baseball players, pros and amateurs alike, will want the Read More


Making Shaved and Rolled Baseball Bats

Many sports are recognizable from the equipment and balls used to play them, such as the racquets and net of tennis, or the helmets and goalposts of American football. Golf, for its part, is well known for its many clubs, little white golf balls, and well-maintained courses. Baseball, meanwhile, ranks among the most popular sports Read More


Thinking Of Stepping Up Your Next Ball Game? Shaved And Rolled Softball Bats Improve Your Swing

Each sport comes with its own set of rules for a strong performance. Sometimes it comes down to the equipment. Other times it’s the environment at large. With baseball and softball the classic American sports, you’re likely familiar with some of these rules already. A firm grip on the baseball bat is a great place Read More


The Pros and Cons of Shaving and Rolling Your Softball Bat

When you’re engaged in sports like softball or baseball, it’s natural that you would look for ways to improve the performance of your bat. Some softball players like to use shaved fastpitch softball bats because they feel these bats have a better degree of performance and can drive the ball farther and harder away than Read More