8 Beautiful Spots to go sailing in Europe

vele d'epoca

Are you looking for sailing adventure in Europe? Do you wish to sail through the most stunning and beautiful places of Europe? If yes then must visit the following places:

1. French Riviera:
It is Europe’s most famous sailing destination. Cote d’Azur is the place where Alps meet with the Mediterranean. This place is supposed to be the hub of all-star cruises. This coastline- Saint-Tropez, Monaco, Nice, Cannes- is embodied with hubs, must-sees attractions and warm weather. It must be visited once in life.

2. Turkey:
Turkey offers incredible sailing experience in the Aegean Sea. When you sail through the sea, you would discover plenty of things such as breathtaking view of capital, fishes, villages etc.

3. Montenegro:
Montenegro is sandwiched between Croatia, Bosnia and Albania. It is supposed to be a nautical beacon to the fans of sailing. This place is blessed with pleasant winds, shiny days, and friendly ports. For more details, look at UNESCO World Heritage Site of Kotor’s Old Town.

4. Greece:
Owing to array of islands, Greece is called Mecca for sailing lovers. When you visit Greece must explore Mykonos, Santorini and Crete. Greece reflects the history of our forefathers. This place is called as the epicenter of knowledge. If you wish to learn something through sailing, Greece would be best spot for you.

5. Slovenia:
In the months of summer, Slovenia is on the top of the list of yachts. You should visit the towns of Portorož, Izola or Koper, for seeing the beautiful ports and marinas. Slovenian Bay of Piran is also a good place for sailing.

6. Croatia:
Croatia is one of the few places in the world where more than 1000 islands exist. If you wish to enjoy the colors of nature, then visit Dubrovnik, Makarska or Split. If you have not visited Croatia in your life, you have seen nothing.

7. Portugal:
If you wish to see how dolphins react then sail through the Tejo estuary to the bay of Lisbon. Besides, if you are admirer of nature and love to see its untold magic, Cascais and the Berlengas Islands would be the ideal places for sailing.

8. Ireland:
The traditional port of Galway is the best place for sailing in the summer. Its hearty character and rich history always welcome sailors to enjoy the pleasant features of sailing. It is said that this city is going to host final of Volvo Ocean Race from 3rd July to 8th July.

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