10 classic sailing adventures

sunrise sailing boat

1. British Virgin Islands:
British Virgin Island is one of the best islands in the world. This place is coupled with 40 islands and hundreds of anchorages. It is said that this is the only island where everyone can enjoy the experience of sailing.  This island is totally independent territory and the currency of this island is USD.

2. Bay of Islands, New Zealand:
This island is known for two things; one for highest per capita boat ownership and second for production of world class sailors. This island is supposed to be one of the best attractions of New Zealand and if you wish to see stunning coastal scenery, must visit Bay of Island once in your life.

3. Zanzibar:
Sailing through Zanzibar is like sailing through the centuries. This island depicts the picture of Sultans, Persian kings, and Caliphs who had sailed through the island to launch expeditions against other countries.  The most evocative place of this island is the Old Stone Town. This place is ideal for those who love to enjoy adventurous life.

4 Croatia:
Do you love to see Sun rising and Sun setting? If yes then Croatia is the best place for you. There are plenty of things to explore at the coastline of Croatia. When you sail through coastline, do not forget to dock at the hoity-toity island of Hvar, Kornati and Elafiti.

5. French Riviera:
Saint-Tropez, Monaco, Nice, Cannes- this coastline is embodied with myth, scandals and legendary.  French Riviera is the only place in Europe where big celebrities used to enjoy the colors of life. If you wish to meet with any rock star there, you would never be neglected.  Apart from this, if you are looking for more fantasy, you can load your fridge with champagne and caviar.

6. Nile River, Egypt:
If you wish to discover the history of waters, go and sail through the Nile River. The good thing to sail through Nile is that you can get all types of cruisers on fair rates. Not only this, the boat owners do not use machine rather sailing power. It means that you would be having more time in the water.  Besides, they would also show you antiquities sites apart from small islands.

7. Whitsunday Islands, Australia:
Whitsunday Islands are the hot spots for a prime holiday. When you sail through these islands, you would encounter with one of the 7 wonders of the world. Besides, there is a belt where half range of mountains is drowned. For more details visit: www.sailingwhitsundays.com.

8.  Greek Islands:
What to speak of Greece’s islands. There are 1400 plus islands in the Greece.  Each island has a different thing to discover. If you are looking for secluded swimming, the islands of Aegean and Ionian Seas are the ideal places. It must be in the minds of sailors that during summer wind suddenly change in Greece; hence they should be mentally prepared.

9. Galápagos Islands, Ecuador:
Do you remember the Darwin theory of evolution? The islands of Ecuador are full with giant tortoises, bountiful birdlife, sea lions, and iguanas. There are many other endangered species, hence try to be careful while treading at this wonderland.  For booking your flights directly to Islands visit: http://www.galapagos.org/

10. Tahiti and French Polynesia:
Without clinches, it is impossible to shade light on the exotic landscape of French Polynesia and Tahiti. If you are looking for yachtie adventures, must visit the Ra’iatea Island. No doubt, this is a good opportunity for sailors to overcome the 

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