10 Must-Have Motorcycle Equipment and Accessories

Riding a motorcycle is a fun-filled and affordable way to reach your workplace or any destination. Motorbikes are also ideal for dirt biking and dirt bikes racing. Riding a bike has less drag, and you can get to your destination fast because it’s easy to beat traffic. But because you ride in varying weather and different roads and terrain you can encounter safety challenges. As such, your motorcycle needs to get equipped with all the necessary safety motorcycle equipment and accessories.

This blog post presents to you some of the vital safety motorcycle equipment and accessories that you should buy from your motorcycle dealers.


Motorcycle windshields are simple motorcycle upgrade equipment that can make your ride more pleasant by keeping rain and wind off your face as you cruise at highway speed.

Crash Protection Motorcycle Equipment

Investing in motorcycle protection parts and accessories can protect you and your bike during crashes by absorbing a significant part of the crash impact. This equipment may include frame sliders, crash bobbins, skid-plates, crash bars, and hand-guards. These equipment protect your motorcycle’s body and components from potential damage. All crash protection parts help in saving you from expensive repairs.

Back Armor

Most riders often armor their elbows, knees, and shoulders, but they often forget their spine. Injuring part of your vertebral column can have a severe health impact. As such, you should get a standalone back armor for your spine. You should ask your motorcycle dealer for an ideal armor that extends over your tailbone.

Multi-tool Kit

Your bike may need occasional roadside repair and maintenance as you travel. As such, you should get a toolkit with essential maintenance and repair motorcycle equipment. The kit should at least contain a few wrenches, electric tape, pliers, hex keys, T-bars, cement potty, and tie wraps.

Shoulder, Elbow, and Knee Armor

You need to get independent shoulder, elbow, and knee armors to protect your body from the injury that may occur in accidents. You can also get jackets with armor pads, which get held in by zippers or included as part of your gear’s lining. Disc Locks There is nothing that can hinder a determined thief from stealing your parked motorcycle.

But setting up an obstacle can be a perfect way to stop them from getting to your bike. Getting your bike a disc lock for each wheel can discourage thieves from targeting your bike.

Photo-chromic Visor and Eye Protection

Visors on helmets can protect your eyes from bright sunlight and strong winds and dust particles that cause uncontrollable blinking. If your helmet doesn’t have a visor, then you should go for some sunglasses or goggles to protect your eyes from dust, glare, rain, wind, and flying bugs.


The gut reactions in our brains always prompt us to put our hands first whenever we fall. If you’re riding at high speed, such an action may make your fingers snap, and you could get severe bruises. You should thus get gloves that are warm, comfortable, and water-resistant. They should also get armored for knuckle protection.

Ear Plugs and Communication Systems

You should always plug your ears to protect them from wind noise that can cause ear damage over time. You can use disposable ears buds. If you’ll need to communicate with fellow riders while on the road, then you’ll need communication systems that can allow you to pick calls and stay in touch with other riders.

Motorcycling Boots and Rain Suit

Your legs and feet may get injured in crashes, and you need to get biking boots with plastic-reinforced toe boxes and soles to prevent boot twisting and foot breaking. You also need to have a thin-layered rain suit to protect you from the rain. The suit should have high-visibility colors to make you recognizable to other road users.

Riders in the U.S. bought approximately 472,000 motorbikes in 2017. This fact implies that motorcycle riders are ever-increasing, and so do the crashes and other safety problems related to motorcycle riding and racing. To be on the safe side, ensure that you’ve gotten at least all the cited safety motorcycle equipment for your safety and the protection of your motorbike.

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