Thinking for Buying a Pontoon Boat? Here’s What You Should Know

Shopping for a new pontoon boat, especially if you are a first-time owner can be pretty challenging. Considering how these vessels have developed a great deal over the past few decades. From just a simple-box shaped buoyant deck, pontoon boats have changed a lot in terms of versatility, storage, and deck space. Today, they come in a range of unique designs with huge decks in-built with amazing features such as lounging areas, mini-bars, and sun pads.

If you are looking for a pontoon boat for sale, there several important things you need to consider to make an informed decision based on exactly what you want. But generally, the two most important things to look for in a pontoon boat are performance and leisure.

Pontoon Boat for Sale and the Factors to Consider Before Buying

The two key factors any potential pontoon boat owner should know when choosing a pontoon boat are boat size, which determines how spacious the deck is and the fixtures that can be installed – and the number of pontoons which is what determines the boat carrying capacity and speed.

Boat Size

The whole idea of having a pontoon boat in the place is to have plenty of seating and lounging area. With an increase in boat size, there is more space for passengers and other comfort amenities. Generally, pontoon boats are available in three versions – small, medium and larger sizes that range from 12′ to 60′. Depending on how many people you plan to bring on board and the kind of features you’d want for your boat, you can find a pontoon boat for sale that matches your needs

Pontoon boats are designed with different applications in mind such as fishing, recreational (parties), watersports and luxury. The style and functionality are what determines their price-points and makes the difference between the different types of pontoon boats. Large luxury pontoon boats and party barges are especially spacious and can accommodate even up to 20 people with almost every comfort amenity already in-built.

But for small families of 5 or less, there are small size recreational boats that you can just put around the lake at sunset and enjoy the evening with your loved ones. There are also small pontoon fishing boats available for small families that love fishing.

Number of Pontoons

Another key factor when choosing a pontoon boat is the number of pontoons installed. This is particularly important if you want a versatile boat that offers not only style but also enough load capacity and speed. Initially, recreational pontoon boats were made with just two pontoons until the tri-toons were introduced.

Tri-toons offer ample load capacity with sufficient speed, but they cost more than twin-pontoon boats. Twin-boats displaces water at lower speeds, offering less plane on a boat. But they are most suitable for just random cruising and providing a nice floating platform for entertainment and range of watersport activities.

With speed being a major concern, some people choose to add more powerful boat engines on their twin-pontoons – which works well only that it doesn’t perform well with tow sports. Tri-toons, on the other hand, are superior type pontoons that have excellent loading capacity and can go really fast, depending on how much you’ve powdered and modified your boat.

Tri-toons are designed to displace water at fast speeds, which makes it reach the plane with a short time. The additional pontoon creates a stable platform suitable for tow sports and allows the boat to easily turn because of increased diameter. Buoyancy from the pontoons is what determines the boat stability as well as speed. Therefore, all tubes should at least three air-tight chambers which serve as a safety measure in the event a chamber is punctured.

In addition to these two important factors – boat size and the number of pontoons, other convenience features worth noting include cup holders, refrigerators, tables, grill, sink and a fresh supply of clean water. However, such features only come at a price -a premium pontoon boat for sale should have these. Lastly, make sure you choose a reliable boat dealer who’ll help you to the right decision.

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