Science Behind Bat Shaving, Rolling and Accelerated Break-in Processes

Baseball or softball bat shaving and rolling are the two main processes used to magnify the trampoline effect and improve bat performance. However, these methods are not accepted in major tournaments and the regulating bodies consider them illegal — warranting penalties if one is found using doctored bats. The two processes, shaving and rolling, are Read More


The Important Benefits of Altered or Doctored Bats in Baseball

When it comes to staying fit and healthy, one of the best ways you can go about it is to spend your time indulging in some kind of game or sport. There can be a number of options to explore when it comes to sports that involve an intense physical workout while also being challenging Read More


Making Shaved and Rolled Baseball Bats

Many sports are recognizable from the equipment and balls used to play them, such as the racquets and net of tennis, or the helmets and goalposts of American football. Golf, for its part, is well known for its many clubs, little white golf balls, and well-maintained courses. Baseball, meanwhile, ranks among the most popular sports Read More


Improving Your Performance In 2020 Softball Bat Shaving And Rolling Services For Beginner Players

Sports performance is a complex subject. Every little detail comes into play when it’s time to step up to the plate. It’s why sports players adhere to such strict diets and make sure to always squeeze in some extra practice. It’s why you see sports equipment going through rigorous testing to combine comfort with efficiency. Read More


Shaved and Rolled Softball Bats and Baseball Bats Work to Improve Your Batting Skills

Many different baseball and softball manufacturers and suppliers shave bats for the assistance of improved hitting. There are many different terms for defining or describing shaved and rolled softball bats that add extreme energy and speed to the hit you complete at the plate. With both shaved fastpitch softball bats and shaved slowpitch bats, there Read More