Five Ways a Golf Simulator Will Change Your Golfing Game

Nothing compares to a nice afternoon out on the golf course. Clear, blue skies, birds chirping, and no breeze to throw off your drives. Maybe you venture out on your own, or maybe you and your best golfing buddy take turns driving the cart.

Only 1/3 of adults participate in the recommended amount of weekly physical activity, and less that 5% participate in the daily recommended amount. Golfing is an easy way to get out and move without putting too much stress on your body.

But what are you supposed to do when you’re itching to get out and swing your golf clubs, but weather or other unforeseen circumstances make it impossible to get on the course?

That’s when you should try a golf simulator.

Golf simulators take your beloved sport into an inside environment. Just swing and hit your ball into a screen and watch as the computers analyze your swing and shows you how your drive would look on a real course.

So why does it benefit you to know where your local golf simulator is located, or even to have your own home golf simulator?

1. It’s A Bad Weather Backup Plan

Whether it’s heavy rains in Florida or a surprise blizzard in the midwest, you might run into weather that makes it impossible to go golfing. If you have access to a golf simulator, you don’t have to miss out on a great physical activity that makes you happy, too. Golfing doesn’t have to just be a warm weather sport anymore.

2. You Have Less Distractions

Golf simulators take out much of the extra hassle of a golf course and let you focus on one thing: your golf swing. No more setting up your tee, taking care of the golf cart, or having to find your ball. Now you can take your time to perfect your swing and be prepared to beat your buddy the next time you hit the course.

3. It’s Casual

If you enjoy golf but are not super competitive, a golf simulator can allow for a less high stakes environment. Bring a group of friends to share the cost of the simulator and buy a round of chicken wings for everyone to snack on. You can have fun and not worry about anyone judging your form.

4. It Saves Time

Have you ever been stuck behind a group of golfers who have drank one too many and can’t find their golf balls? It wastes your time when you just want to make par on that hole. With a golf simulator, you can do everything at the pace you want. Nobody is stopping you from moving on to the next hole, except for your friend who wants to discuss last night’s presidential debate.

5. It’s Accessible.

Many people might fear golfing for the amount of physical exertion it takes to get from one hole to the other. A golf simulator allows people with differently abled bodies to take part in the wonderful game of golf. No more having to worry if you can handle all of the walking or if your walking assistance can make it from one place to the other. In a golf simulator, it’s all right in one place!

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