6 Quick Reasons to Get a Pedicure Now!

While the average American would certainly like to look better, only about 23% of adults in the country go out of their way to get enough exercise, according to 2018 statistics by CDC. Of course, looking good is more than just a great physique. Beautiful and healthy feet can dramatically improve your overall appearance as well.

As you prepare for the summer, are your feet ready to emerge out of hiding? If not, you’re not alone. Generally, most people don’t pay as much attention to the appearance of their feet as they do to other parts of their bodies such as their faces and hands.

But why is it important to take more care of your feet through pedicures than you’re currently doing? In this article, you will learn six ways a pedicure will benefit not just your nails and feet, but also your overall health.

1. Your Feet Stay Clean and Healthy

Of all parts of your body, your feet are perhaps most exposed to dust. With time, dirt from the ground accumulates in your toes, making them a healthy breeding ground for fungus and bacteria. Unless the dirt is cleaned, your feet can easily contract an infection.

The best way to clean all the dirt from your toes is a pedicure that’s expertly done in nails spa. In such a clean environment where sterilized tools are used, you don’t need to worry about getting an infection.

2. Your Skin Stays Moisturized

Everyone loves a soft, moisturized skin. Dry skin does not only look unhealthy, but it also feels rough and itchy. A pedicure can immediately improve the skin of your feet and leave them looking healthy and flawless. By the time you leave the luxury spa, you no longer have to worry about blisters and cracks on your feet.

The nail technician also takes care of your cuticles. In case you have any calluses from exposure of feet to rough surfaces, these too are removed during the pedicure, leaving your skin even and soft.

3. The Procedure Exfoliates Your Feet

As you are well aware, your body is continuously shedding dead skin cells. All the dead skin cells accumulate on top of the upper layer of your skin known as the epidermis, making it very difficult for your skin to breathe. Without exfoliation, your feet can get food corns and bunions, which are both painful and unsightly.

When you go for a pedicure in Bellevue, the nail technician exfoliates your feet to encourage the growth of new cells. By the time the process is over, your heels look and feel smoother and healthier.

4. Pedicures Improve Blood Circulation

A foot massage is certainly the best part of pedicure. During the massage, all tension that had built up in your feet and calves gets relieved. The foot massage further helps your feet by enhancing blood circulation and spreading heat evenly throughout your body. In case you’re experiencing any pain in your feet that too is countered during the massage. In the end, the foot massage is good not only for your feet, but the overall health of your body.

5. It Counters Ingrown Toenails

Ingrown toenails are common, especially for athletes and people who are big on physical exercise. Wearing improper footwear can also trigger the condition. Ingrown toenails can be very painful if not treated properly and early.

During a pedicure, a skilled nail technician properly trim your nails, reducing the chances of ingrown toenails.

6. Foot Problems Can Get Detected Early Enough

Pedicure technicians are skilled when it comes to detecting and understanding feet abnormalities. In case there’s a problem with your feet, the technicians can point them out early enough and advise you on what to do.

Some of the top problems feet technicians can detect include corns, fungal infections, and bunions. Early detection of abnormalities means they can easily be treated.

Pedicure is fast becoming the cornerstone of the beauty industry in America, with millions of ladies and, increasingly men too, flocking to spas to get their feet cleaned every day. And with everyone looking for a pair of clean, smooth, and beautiful feet, it’s easy to see why getting regular pedicures is a worthy investment.

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