How Many Times a Month Do You Go Golfing?

The summer is winding down, the girls are back at college, and you and your husband are learning to live in the empty nest. With fewer dishes to clean, less laundry to wash, and more time on your hands, it should come as no surprise that your husband is encoring you to get out on the golf course again. a sport that you once enjoyed nearly every weekend went by the wayside once the two girls were born. And while your husband still got out to play occasionally, now is time when there is plenty more time available for a four hour walk or ride around some of the public golf courses in the area.

Living in a place where public golf courses are really nice, you have never belonged to a private club since the girls were born. For the years while you were not parenting, a private golf course membership made sense, but you were never really able to get out and golf as often as you wold have liked. You wonder if your husband is secretly hoping that by getting you back out on the public golf courses, you, too, will be ready to invest in a club membership again. It is hard to deny the benefits that a morning on the course provide. From spending time together to enjoying the outdoors to getting some much needed exercise, golf continues to be a popular option for many Americans. For parents who are dealing with an empty nest, golf may be the perfect solution for how to transition to a different kind of schedule.

Both Private and Public Golf Courses Can Offer a Number of Advantages

Fortunately, in many parts of the country, you do not need to pay an expensive initiation fee and monthly dues to have a place to golf. For many avid fans, however, a club membership is the best way to make sure that you can get the tee times that you want. The option of also having access to the clubhouse for private events and holiday celebrations is an added benefit for many members.

From public golf tournaments to private romantic wedding places, golf course club houses are a draw for many. If, for instance, you are looking for places to have a wedding reception you will likely find few accommodations that offer as many options and space. Sunday brunches after church and before an afternoon round are popular family traditions, as are Saturday morning outings. No matter where you decide to golf, you will find that you are participating in a sport that has been a tradition for many people across the globe:

  • A maximum of 14 clubs is allowed in a player’s bag at one time during a stipulated round, but that does not keep some golfers from investing in clubs that they only occasionally use.
  • Still a sport that is dominated by men, only 23% of professional golfers today are female.
  • A 175-pound man can burn 460 calories if he carries his clubs during an hour of golf play. On a nine-hole course, this means that he can end up walking nearly 2.5 miles.
  • By 1900 there were more than 1000 golf clubs in the US.
  • The chance of two holes in one in a single round are approximately 67 million to 1, but this does not discourage golfers from getting out on the course on a regular basis.

Whether you are empty nesters trying to figure out what to do with all of your time, or you are looking for a relaxing way to have an informal business meeting, there are many times when a golf course is a great venue. In fact, with the latest golf course availability in many parts of the country, it is almost always easy to find a place to play. And whether you join a private club or alternate between two or three local public golf courses, there are many ways to make sure that you are getting outside and participating in an activity that keeps you both moving and challenged. The summer may be winding down, but in many parts of the country, there are still lots of daylight hours to get in a round of golf with your husband, your friends, or even your new coworkers.

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