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Why You Need To Play Golf 5 Benefits

Did you know that the recreational sport, golf, which began in Scotland over 500 years ago, has many advantages that are beneficial to the body, mind, spirit, and business relationships? Thatand#39;s why itand#39;s no wonder that a total of 2.2 million people started playing golf in 2015, not just for recreational and business purposes but Read More


Physical Activity, Practice, and Entertainment All Gained from Golf Simulators

You may not always need a full golf course of about 150 acres golf course, especially when a home golf simulator serves as a quality replacement. Without regular access to a full 9-hole or 18-hole golf course, golf simulators are a fun and convenient way to access the activity of golfing while also gaining daily Read More


5 Excellent Applications of Golf Simulators

Technology offers the easiest ways of getting around almost everything. Take golf simulators as an example. Golf traces its origin to Scotland and has been in existence for over 500 years. The sport is often seen as complicated and associated with the middle and upper class, which is not always the case. Why golf simulators? Read More


Can the Right Golf Simulator Improve Your Mind and Body? Read to Find Out

Golf was first played in Scotland nearly 500 years ago. Today, it’s a sport enjoyed by millions and played throughout many different countries across the globe! And for excellent reason. Golf is a sport that has been said to improve both your body and mind. However, making a trip out to that lush green course Read More


Five Ways a Golf Simulator Will Change Your Golfing Game

Nothing compares to a nice afternoon out on the golf course. Clear, blue skies, birds chirping, and no breeze to throw off your drives. Maybe you venture out on your own, or maybe you and your best golfing buddy take turns driving the cart. Only 1/3 of adults participate in the recommended amount of weekly Read More