Drive, putt, simulate There Are Many Ways to Practice Your Golf Game

Golf is a very popular game. Approximately 2.2 million people took up the game in 2015, and millions play regularly every year. Most people play purely for fun, but others are more serious even though they are amateurs. They play regularly and register their scores to get rated with a handicap by the U.S. Golf Read More


Family Home Videos Remind Americans of Different Times

Those people with little ones should video as much as you can! There is nothing better than looking back and reminiscing. As much as you miss those three baby girls, however, you would not trade your days with your older girls for anything! Yesterday, your husband and your daughters spoiled you rotten. They started the Read More


Enjoy Golfing at Home with The Right High Definitioin Golf Simulator

For a lot of people, one of the most satisfying things in life can be to enjoy a favorite sport or game through hands-on participation. Indeed, getting involved in the right sport can bring you satisfaction on many different levels. The thrill and excitement of the game and the spirit of competition can surely be Read More


Five Ways a Golf Simulator Will Change Your Golfing Game

Nothing compares to a nice afternoon out on the golf course. Clear, blue skies, birds chirping, and no breeze to throw off your drives. Maybe you venture out on your own, or maybe you and your best golfing buddy take turns driving the cart. Only 1/3 of adults participate in the recommended amount of weekly Read More