Why Getting a Good Grip is Important for Golf and Football Players

Whether your game is golf or football, you know how important it is to get a grip. It can make all the difference to the precision of your swing, or to holding on to a pass. And if you’re a player or a coach, you also know how quickly the grips of gloves can wear out. Coaches and professional players know that the secret to maintaining your grip is to use tacky spray for golf grips and football gloves, to keep your special edge in the game.

Getting a grip on your game
The game of golf is around five hundred years old, and has been played around the world. It’s even been played n the moon. In fact, it’s one of only two sports that have ever been played on the moon. But some basic things don’t change. Even in zero gravity’ you need a good grip. Golf grips have a big impact on your game, because that’s the only point of contact between you and the club.
While players have preferences for different types of drivers, made of materials like maple, steel, titanium, ceramic, and other materials, this actually has very little impact on your game. A study by Golfsmith found that all of these reached a distance that was within 1% of one another. A good grip, on the other hand, can have a major impact on your swing.
That’s why choosing the right grip for your game is so important. Grips have to be soft enough to hold comfortably, and tacky so your hands don’t slip.

Different types of grips
With a wide variety of golf grips on the market, players need to choose the ones that best support their game and style of play. For example, non-tapered grips have benefits like lighter grip pressure and better control and accuracy. Picking the right grip can help you hit the golf ball straighter, and even lower your golf score.
Over time, however, tacky golf grips do tend to wear out, and this also affects the quality of your game. Rather than keep buying expensive new grips, many players prefer to use tacky spray for golf grips, to make them as good as new.

Holding the pass
Football is a very different game from golf, but they have one thing in common. Which is that a good grip makes all the difference to the outcome of the game. Especially for wide receivers, football gloves that will help you hold a pass can be worth their weight in gold. The game is all about quick reactions and catching that ball. Football gloves too tend to wear out on the grip portion.
Professionals and coaches know that the way to keep gloves effective without having to replace them is to use tacky spray. It dries fast so it doesn’t hold up the players or the game. And it gives the gloves a good grip again. It can even help improve your game, especially reception completions. For those players who believe in showmanship to intimidate opposing teams, this restores your ability to pull off those one-handed catches that will be the talk of the year.

One thing that the games of golf and football have in common is the importance of a good grip. In golf, it gives the player control over the swing, which is the heart of the game. Football players, especially wide receivers, can make all the difference between winning and losing by holding on to passes and catches. As grips and gloves get old, using tacky spray for golf grips can help restore them.

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