Why You Should Consider a Pontoon Boat

The boating industry is an ever expanding enterprise. Reports show that the annual sales of boats and related products in 2016 reached $37 billion and they are only expected to grow. With virtually every person in the United States living within an hour’s drive of a large body of water, it’s no wonder boating became so popular. And if you’ve been wanting to get yourself a boat, there’s no better time than right now. If you’re not sure what you should be looking for, pontoon boats are incredibly popular. Below are the top three reasons you should consider buying one of these “party boats”.

Popularity is one of the easiest reasons to consider this vessel. Powerboats such as pontoon boats have had increased sales of almost 7% in 2016. And with the boating industry getting bigger, those numbers are only going to grow as time goes on. Pontoon boats are typically popular because of their nickname. Known as the “party boats”, pontoon boats can fit up to a dozen of your closest friends so that you can have a party on the waves. In fact, many people who own these boats have taken it upon themselves to add in stand up bars and lounge areas to accommodate their guests. However, parties aren’t the only reason that you should be looking into pontoon boats for sale.

Another large reason is saving money. While it’s true that you won’t exactly save money by going to a boat dealer and asking about the pontoon boats for sale, it has been said that compared to other vessels, they will cost you less overall. Pontoon boats are typically cheaper to insure, and they don’t see as much damage compared to other vessels. This is because of the way they are designed, with their floatation devices underneath the hull. It keeps them from sustaining as much damage if you were to accidentally drive it too close to the bank. Even if you are a novice boater, these vessels are an ideal choice because of their lack of comparable damage and therefore cheaper upkeep costs.

Going along with that same point, reliability is another reason for the popularity of these boats. Because of the lack of wear and tear it sustains, even used boats for sale are going to be reliable. They’re also fairly reliable in the water. Even at max capacity, an average pontoon boat can still go above 20 mph meaning that you’ve got a lot of power and reliability within this one vessel. This means that even if you can’t find a boat dealer near you, looking into pontoon boats for sale in your area is well worth the effort.

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