Prepare for Big Sports Events With the Right Rubber Floor Cleaner

Athletic rubber flooring

So your high school has been chosen to host the biggest indoor track event of the year. This is great for the school, since the team will have home “field” advantage, and there is a ton of money to be made in concessions, but the problem will arise when all of the guests and athletes leave; you’re going to have a very, very dirty floor to deal with. Especially since the event will happen sometime this winter when guests will be tracking in snow, salt, and dirt, that floor is going to need a serious cleaning.

Indoor track surfaces are generally made of a very durable rubber material (which accounts for the iconic high school gym smell that we all know so well). Though this type of flooring can last for up to 20 years if it is well maintained, actually maintaining it is the hard part. Cleaning rubber flooring is not something that can be done with a bottle of Mr. Clean and a mop and bucket. Indoor sports surfaces can get especially dirty, since people are usually very active on them. In addition to dirt and dust that you would find on any floor, bacteria and germs can also accumulate, which is pretty disgusting and unsanitary.

The best way to remove the dirt and germs from indoor track surfaces is to use the right rubber floor cleaning products. In addition to getting the floor clean and well maintained, the proper cleaning products can keep your school’s sports surfaces looking good too. So in preparation for the event, you may want to give your sports floor a good cleaning, since all eyes will be on these floors, and we all know that the other schools will be judging you.
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