Three Little Accessories That Make a Big Difference When Running in the Dark

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With the sun setting earlier each day, gone are the days of enjoying the sunlight until late in the evening. Runners who used to enjoy a healthy dose of sun even during late night runs now have to adjust to running in the dark. Night jogs comes with some risks, especially since a runner is less visible in the darkness. It can be difficult for car drivers to see someone running by, and this can result in an accident. Runners have no protection when hit by a car, so the chances of serious injury are very high. Late night jogs might pose some risks, but there are ways that runners can make themselves more visible to motorists, reducing the chances of a collision.

  1. Safety Lights For Runners – Running with a light is a great way for runners to protect themselves in the dark. Safety lights for runners are often small but bright and can be easily attached to clothing, so there’s no need to carry anything extra. Some lights can even be set to flash on and off, making runners even more obvious to cars and other vehicles driving by.
  2. Runners ID Bands – As was said before, running at night can be dangerous. In case something were to happen, it is important to carry personal identification and contact information while running alone at night. Runners ID bracelets and bands are a convenient way to carry important information while running. They can be engraved with a runner’s name, emergency contact and allergy information so that first responders now how to help them in an emergency situation. These bracelets come in a variety of colors and styles and fit comfortably on the wrist.
  3. Reflective Vest – Reflective vests are another great way to improve a runner’s visibility in the dark. Bright colored vests with reflective strips make it easier for cars to see a runner passing by. The headlights on cars bounce of the reflective strips and make them clearly visible.

Safety lights, ID bands and reflective vests are all great ways to make running at night a safer experience. Know someone who likes to go for late night runs? All of this running gear makes great gift ideas for runners. Running in the dark may come with some risks, but by taking the proper precautions, runners can protect themselves.

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