Tactical Tomahawks Used By Many As Multifaceted, All Purpose Tool

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Often referred to simply as a “hawk”, a tomahawk is a unique axe that originated in North America and was designed by Native American tribesmen. Though many people are most familiar with combat tomahawks used as weapons, hand forged tomahawks were general purpose, multi-functional tools used Native Americans and then early European settlers. In fact, the very word tomahawk first came into the English language in the 17th century as an adaptation of the Powhatan word “tamahaac”.

While modern technology has resulted in hand forged tactical tomahawks being made of more durable and resilient material, not much of the actual design and ergonomics has changed. Most custom, hand forged tactical tomahawks are made from drop forged, differentially treated heat treated, allow steel. This kind of differential heat treatment ensures the chopping portion and the spike are harder than the middle section, allowing for greater shock absorption and efficacy.

Modern hand forged tactical tomahawks have continued to garner respect and popularity. As a result, they are often utilized by members of the armed forces as well as specialized law enforcement units such as SWAT teams. They are often used by tactical entry teams to breach barriers. Additionally, they are often used by firefighters for that very purpose. Similarly, many outdoorsmen use tomahawks for a number of purposes, including chopping, cutting, and digging.

Tomahawks have truly become an invaluable part of American history. Though often regarded as a weapon, it is important to note that tomahawks are in fact the ultimate multipurpose tool, and have even been used in emergency situations to save lives.

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