How to Buy Ski Equipment First Timer?s Guide

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So you?ve decided you want to ski, but don?t know where to start? Luckily for you, there are a variety of different ski solutions created just for beginners. Here?s a quick guide for finding the best ski equipment and ski accessories for your first time on the slopes.


Experts suggest that beginner skiers hold off on buying their first set of skis. Most lodges offer ski rentals, and carry a variety of different kinds of skis. During your first few trips, try a few different kind of rental skis to see which is the best fit for you. Once you?ve decided, you can go get a pair of your own.

Ski Helmets

While some people don?t think a helmet is necessary for the downhill slope, skiing can lead to some serious damage, especially without the proper protection. Remember, if you?re a beginner, you?re going to fall. If you don?t feel like dropping a lot of money on a new helmet, most resorts offer rental helmets that you can use.

Ski Jackets

In order to keep yourself warm, you?ll need a good top layer. Wear a base layer of a t-shirt and hoodie, then cover it with a water/weather proof jacket. Look for jackets with vent, which will help you cool down when you start to get a little exercise.

Ski Pants

Ski pants may be one of the most important pieces of ski equipment, behind the skis themselves. If you try to go out skiing in jeans or sweatpants, you?ll likely end the day cold, wet, and bruised. Instead, invest in moisture-wicking ski pants that will help keep you warm and dry for the whole trip.

Ski Boots

Without the ski boots, you won?t be able to ski. Ski boots are specially manufactured to click into the skis, connecting your feet directly to them. Before jumping down the slope, check to make sure your shoes fit the skis that you can get in comfortably, and that there is no risk for a break of connection.

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