There’s Still Time to Customize Your Pool Before Winter!

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Winter is right around the corner, but there?s still time to customize your pool area! Taking some time this fall to get your pool area ready for next year will take some hassle out of things when the warmer weather starts up next spring. So be proactive, what are some improvements you can do to your pool area that would really help in terms of safety or add to the fun of having a swimming pool? Thinking about constructing a pool? Ask yourself those questions, and go from there.

There are many pools in the U.S. Some are public and others are private. For instance, there are approximately 309,000 public pools alone, and that makes sense since swimming is the third most popular activity to do in the United States. It?s so popular that a whopping 36% of kids and 15% of adults go swimming a minimum of six times a year! That number is higher for those fortunate to have a pool of their own in their backyards.

Private pools are usually family gathering places in the warmer months. In ground pools are priced around $20,000 to $50,000, are easy to install, and only take about two to five weeks to get installed, meaning you could be enjoying a pool of your own in a short time if you don?t have one already! If you already have a pool, and want to customize your pool before the colder weather hits, there are a few things to remember. First, maintaining your pool is very important. If you don?t maintain your pool, it won?t be around nearly as long as a well maintained pool. A great way you can maintain your pool is to clean it regularly, something that should only take 20 minutes at the most. Filters should be cleaned out every four months, and you?ll also want to check your pool?s chemical levels regularly. Thanks to advances in pool technology, this process, along with other maintenance, only takes a few hours a week.

In terms of safety, a great way to customize your pool this fall would be to add a four foot high fence around your pool to help eliminate drowning hazards. In ground pools also add value to your home, up to 8% to be exact! That?s just another reason why you should add a backyard pool or customize an existing one. So what are you waiting for? Get outside and start working on your pool before winter hits!

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