Give a Gift to a Gifted Athlete Cool and Spunky Gift Ideas For a Runner

Personalized running gifts

The sport of running has been around since ancient times, most noticeably in the original Greek Olympics. The popular running event, the marathon, also originated in ancient Greece. In modern times, competitive running events have been held as early as the 19th century, such as the popular English game “Hare and Hounds.” And, of course, there is the modern Olympics, which has never in its history ceased to host track and field events. In the United States alone, running events have a substantial following. There were more than 15,000 five-kilometer (or “5k” for short) races in 2012. Moreover, every year sees more than 2,000 half-marathon events throughout the country. On top of all that, it is reported that nearly 57 million Americans went jogging or running at least once in 2012. All and all, the stats are quite impressive!

You might be asking yourself, “What is even better than finishing a race?” The answer, of course, is receiving a gift after crossing the finish line! Businesses across the country produce custom race gifts for people who want to give their runner friends and family something special. There are a variety of gifts for a runner to choose from. Gifts for a runner can include something as useful as a pair of running shoes to something as quirky as race bib coasters. A few other gift ideas are:

  • Running decals and bumper stickers
  • Running necklaces
  • Runners beer glasses
  • Runners mugs, and finally:
  • Runners wine glasses

So, whether you know someone who enjoys running or you are a runner yourself, getting gifts for a runner is a thoughtful as well as fun way of showing a runner that you care.

What do you think about these running gifts? Are there any that you would like? Do you have any ideas for running gifts yourself? Feel free to leave a comment at the bottom. We look forward to your input. Happy trials!

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