The Soccer Mom Starter List

Softball water bottles

Soccer is one of the most popular sports in the world, and it is growing in popularity among children of all ages. Many parents want to support their child in his or her passion for athletics, but are unsure where to start. Here to help is the Soccer Mom Starter List to set you on your way.

The first things you will need are shorts and shirts for soccer. If your child is playing on a school or community team, uniforms for games will probably be provided, but clothing for practices is entirely up to you. Custom tees can be printed with your child’s name or fun slogans about their sport, and will probably be worn to school just as frequently as they are to practice.

Next, you will want to buy soccer water bottles. Yes, bottles. As in more than one. Kids are very good at losing things, and if one bottle gets left behind at an away game, it’s good to be proactive and have a spare or two at home. Hydration is important for the health of active kids, especially in a sport like soccer where there is a lot of running.

Many parents want to show that they are proud of their athlete, but running around in jerseys can be frowned upon in a professional setting. Consider looking at soccer necklaces, your own soccer water bottles for your lunch bag, or subtle bumper stickers. Jewelry can be a conversation piece, especially when noticed by other parents of athletes, and can provide ample opportunities to give and receive advice, or sharing in common achievements.

At the end of the season, you may want to consider purchasing the soccer team gifts to celebrate their achievements and acknowledge all their hard work. Custom team shirts commemorating a championship or other award, personalized soccer water bottles, and other creative soccer gifts will all be appreciated. Don’t forget gifts for coaches, too!

The most important thing you need to have as a new sports parent is pride in your child. Support them and their team whether they win or lose, and don’t forget that it’s all in good fun. Even if your child is not the next superstar of their sport, make sure they are enjoying themselves and know they are loved, and you’ll be the best parent you can be.

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