Why You Might Used Rolled or Shaved Baseball Bats

Many sports today make use of distinct equipment to play, such as hockey sticks, soccer balls, or tennis racquets. Meanwhile, baseball is loved around the world and makes use of baseball bats, catcher’s mitts, and spherical white balls with leather coating. Any baseball player, whether a pro athlete or a casual player, will need the right bats, mitts, and baseballs to play a good game, and sports equipment stores can provide all this for a customer. But some players might not realize that baseball bats can be modified, and bat shaving and rolling can alter how a baseball bat performs. Why look for rolled baseball bats for sale, or consult a bat shaving service? A player may look for rolled Louisville Slugger bats, for example, if they want a modified wooden bat to use during practice. The player may look up “rolled Louisville Slugger bats near me” to find ready-made models, or they can make their own rolled Louisville Slugger bats when they visit bat rolling services. How might this work?

Rolled Louisville Slugger Bats and More

Rolled baseball bats and rolled softball bats are helpful stand-ins for a naturally broken in bat for practice sessions, or even for casual games. A wooden baseball bat (often made from ash wood) has fibers in it, and these fibers bend and break as the bat is used (as in, strikes balls). This is to be desired, since after a few hundred strikes, a wooden bat’s fibers are warped enough so that the bat is more flexible and can strike a ball even further than when it was fresh. A player may prize their naturally broken in bats, but what if their bats break during practice games? That would be an unfortunate loss, so the player may use rolled wooden bats as stand-ins that they can afford to break during practice. Rolled bats closely mimic the performance of naturally broken in bats, after all.

To roll a wooden baseball bat, the owner may bring it to a bat rolling service, and that wooden bat will be passed through a number of rollers that will bend and break the bat’s fibers. This will duplicate the end result of many strikes with that bat, allowing even a fresh wooden bat to perform like a used one. Care should be taken so that the bat is not over-stressed, though. And it may also be noted that rolled (or doctored) bats are not allowed in sanctioned or official games, and on-site experts might spot these bats on sight. Instead, doctored wooden bats are best reserved for practice sessions and casual games where tournament rules are not enforced.

Shaving a Baseball Bat

Some baseball bats are made of metal, and thus they cannot be rolled like wooden ones. Instead, for the sake of casual games, these metal bats can be shaved to alter their performance. Metal bats are hollow inside, and they have padding in their bodies that give them their flexibility and keep them strong against the pressure of striking baseballs. But an interested owner may take their metal bat to a shaving service, and there, experts will place the metal bat on a lathe table. The metal bat’s end cap is removed to exposed the hollow interior and the bat is carefully fed to a rotating grinder. That grinder will shave away a bit of the bat’s interior padding, and once that is done, the bat is retrieved and its end cap put back in place.

A shaved bat may strike balls further than ordinary metal bats, and this may make them a popular choice for casual games. As with rolled wooden bats, though, they are not allowed in sanctioned games. Care should be taken when shaving, because if too much material is removed, the bat may become fragile or even shatter during use. And if any material is removed from the handle, the bat may break during gameplay. Finally, it should be noted that shaved bats do not perform well in cold weather, and should not be used in weather under 65 degrees Fahrenheit.


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