Why You Might Try Out Fly Fishing

Fishing is one of the oldest hunting methods in the world, and for much of history, fishing helped coastal communities find a source of food. Today, fishing is largely done with boats and large nets for sustenance, while fishing with rods and reels is largely a sport today. No one with a fishing rod and rod reels will catch enough fish to feed a whole community, but that is not the point anyway. Many anglers greatly enjoy spending some quality time in the wild, going fly fishing with proper rod reels and line and lures. It may be noted that while fly fishing is indeed fishing, there are a few distinctions between fly fishing and “regular” fishing, and an aspiring angler may choose to pursue fly fishing in particular. This means getting their hands on fly fishing outfits, fly fishing rod reels, custom fly reels, and more. The right gear can make for a great fishing trip. How might this work out?

Fly Fishing Rod Reels and More

As with any hobby, getting into fly fishing means buying the right equipment, and in this case, that may mean visiting local outdoor goods shops to find discount fly fishing roods, rod reels, and more. An aspiring angler may consult the store’s staff for help, and they may specify that they are looking to get into fly fishing in particular. Regular fishing gear would not work so well for fly fishing, but specialized equipment can get the job done. The fisher may also get their hands on a tackle box to store all their lures and spare line and reels during fishing, and they can also buy the right clothes for a fly fishing trip.

Why clothes? Many fly fishers like to fish while standing in the middle of a cold creek or stream, and that means wearing tall, waterproof rubber boots to stay dry and avoid getting soaked. Regular fishing is often done on the shore or on a boat, but fly fishing is sometimes best done right there in the water. These fly fishing boots can be quite tall, and they may be built into a pair of waterproof overalls for maximum effect. These clothes can also help keep the fly fisher warm even though they are standing in the middle of cold water.

The fisher may also want to bring along a capture bucket filled with water, if they plan on keeping any of the fish that they catch. This helps keep fish fresher longer, though of course that bucket is not needed if the fly fisher is only doing “catch and release.” An angler can choose either route as they like.

Going Out Fishing

A fly fisher with all the right gear may next learn how to perform fly fishing correctly. What sets it apart from regular fishing? For one thing, as mentioned above, a fly fisher is standing in the middle of the creek to fish, but that’s not all. A fly fisher makes use of light line and a small and light lure, which is often an artificial lure decorated with feathers to imitate natural insects. Unlike with regular fishing, where a heavy lure helps throw out the line during casting, fly fishing means casting the rod to move the line itself. Emphasis is put on moving the line instead of the bait, and this may require some practice and guidance to master. The advantage is that the line and lure make practically no impact once they strike the water, so they will not scare away any fish nearby. This makes fly fishing rather discreet, and this can be done to great effect.

Fly fishers may also consult local wildlife conservation departments once they arrive for a fishing trip. Responsible anglers and hunters alike will only pursue legal game species, and they will not keep any animals that are below the minimum size. The idea is to preserve reproducing wild populations of fish and other animals to keep their numbers up, so fly fishers may check for this first before they keep fish they catch. It may not be an issue if the angler is only performing catch and release, though.

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