How to Select the Correct Size Fly Fishing Reel

A fly reel is possibly the simplest in terms of design and function of all the fishing reels available. Simply put, a reel is drum where the fly line is wound up using a little handle on the side. There is absolutely no formula of choosing the right reel for your fishing expedition. However, you might find yourself struggling if you are buying a fly reel for the first time. Unlike seasoned fishermen who know what to look for in a reel, heading down to a local fishing equipment stores to purchase a reel for fly fishing does not guarantee that you will get the right tool for the job. A great fly rod should be accompanied by an equally amazing fly reel. Your fly fishing experience might not be as enjoyable as you want it to be if you are using the wrong fly reel. There are also chances that you will be looking at the wrong features when trying to buy discount fly fishing rods and reels from your local store. The following are tips that you should consider when choosing a fly reel.

The Size of the Reel
Size is an important factor when choosing the right fly reel. This is simply because your reel can only be used effectively when attached to the fly line if it is of the proportionate size with the line. More importantly, the reel needs to balance your line. Ordinarily, fly reels can be purchased depending on their line weight. For example, if you buy a custom fly reel that is suitable for a smaller fly line, such a reel cannot be used on larger fly lines. The reel will be too lightweight for the line. The opposite happens if you buy a larger fishing reel and use it on a small fly line, the fly fishing rod will be too heavy and unbalanced making casting and fishing more strenuous than it should be. If you are not sure about the right size that your fly reel should be, ask for recommendations at the local fishing store or from a fishing expert.

Material Used for Construction
Fly reels are made from different materials. The most commonly used materials for fly reels are bar-stock aluminum, die-cast aluminium and plastic composite. Most fly reels available in the market are made from cast aluminum as it is considered cheaper and easy to use during production. Bar-stock aluminium fly reels are posher but will cost you more to buy. However, they are of the best quality and you can be sure that your reel will last compared to the other types. Reels made from composite plastic are very common in discount stores near you. Their appearance however is not very fancy which is why most people prefer the die-cast aluminium fly reels. These reels are heavier but will work effectively when used. Perhaps the best feature about die-cast aluminium reels is that they are fairly priced in sports gear stores compared to bar-stock aluminium reels. The downside of die-cast fly reels is that they are very prone to bending or warping which is why you should be extra careful when handling them.

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