Which American Vacation Destination Best Suits Your Personality?

Arizona rafting adventures

You’ve worked hard all year and you’re looking for that perfect place to take a vacation. Look no further than all of the exciting destinations that the United States has to offer! Take this quiz to see where your next vacation should be.

Your ideal Saturday Night would be spent:
A. Out on the town partying it up!
B. Relaxing on a beach
C. Camping by the river

Choose your favorite type of food:
A. Asian fusion
B. Seafood
C. Classic barbeque

How do you like to get exercise?
A. Cycling or spinning
B. Swimming
C. Kayaking or rafting

How would your friends describe you?
A. Outgoing and wild
B. Laid back and dependable
C. Adventurous and outdoorsy

Which one of these activities would you love to do?
A. Dine at the most upscale restaurant the city has to offer
B. Swing in a hammock by the ocean
C. White water rafting trips

What is the first thing you?d grab in the event of a zombie apocalypse?
A. My laptop/smartphone
B. Something comfortable to wear
C. Hiking boots or camping gear

Mostly A?s: A Big City
You love the fast-paced nature of America?s most iconic cities. If you?re considering taking a vacation, you should visit a buzzing metropolis like Los Angeles or New York City for a week filled with excitement and endless entertainment. Treat yourself to amazing meals or shop at some of the most upscale retailers. If you love to party, you can enjoy some of the best and trendiest nightlife scenes imaginable. The city never sleeps and neither do you!
Mostly B?s: A Seaside Retreat
Forget visiting a lake or river, the ocean calls your name! Cruise to the coast and spend your next vacation on a beautiful sandy beach. States like Florida, South Carolina and California have some of the best beaches, but you can choose any destination your heart desires. As long as your toes are in the sand and the ocean is kissing your feet, you?re happy! Your vacation should be an escape to paradise, and a seaside retreat is the perfect option.
Mostly C?s: A Grand Canyon Rafting Trip
Nothing gets your adrenaline pumping like the great outdoors. Try something out of the box like a Colorado river rafting tour. Grand Canyon rafting companies organize excursions down the river to explore the vast beauty of America?s natural wonders. You will enjoy hiking, camping, outdoor cooking, and the simple pleasure of sleeping under a canopy of stars. Some trips are all inclusive and treat you perks like prepared meals and guided tours. You’ll traverse the river rapids and go on an adventure like never before!

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