Discover Your Inner Adventurer This Year With New Adventure Gear

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Sometimes it’s nice to get out of dodge and explore something new and different! Many people gravitate towards outdoor activities that are a little more adventurous than a simple vacation away or a tour. Hunting and fishing, for example, is a source of relaxation for many Americans, with almost 40 million partaking in these sports every year. Other sorts of stimulating outdoor activity that remain popular are camping, hiking, and water-based activities, such as snorkeling, diving, or swimming. If you’re a first timer (and even if this sort of thing is old hat to you), you want to make sure you have the proper adventure gear for your undertaking. It’ll keep you more protected from the elements and make the experience way less stressful if you’re well equipped from the get go.
What Are Some of the More Popular Outdoor Activities?
Camping, hiking, hunting, and fishing remain among the most popular adventurous activities for the average person. In all cases, it can be a good source of activity for your health and even your mental and emotional well being. Being surrounded by nature has been proven to be soothing and uplifting for many people, and it allows individuals to appreciate the beauty of nature. Indeed, between 2010 and 2012, camping went up in popularity — about 3 million more Americans went camping in those two years. Furthermore, it’s been shown that people who camp engage in other activities as well, so camping can lead to even more healthy outdoor activities.
As for hiking, a little over 38 million people took a hike in 2014. With a significant amount of picturesque and well cultivated trails available for public use all over America, it’s no wonder that Americans are stocking up on their adventure gear and hitting the trails.
Hunting and fishing have gone from a means of sustaining oneself to a more sport like activity over the years. However, most hunters and fishers still do eat and use the meat they kill. Hunting gear and guns for hunting are sold fairly widely, especially in more rural areas and collectively, Americans probably hunt a little under 230 million days per year. It can be one of the more pricier sports — with the average spent each year ringing in a little over $1600.
What Should I Consider When Looking for Adventure Gear?
Whether you’re looking for camping gear, scuba gear, or more general adventure gear, you want to make sure that you’re buying with a specific need in mind. There are so many wonderful innovations these days, but it’s easy to find yourself buying a bunch of new and innovative things that you’ll never actually use and end up lugging around with you as extra weight. When buying clothes, you’ll want to keep the elements in mind. What dries quickly, washes easily, and will you keep you warm (or cool)? Seek out advice from experts or people who are always participating in outdoor activities — they’re probably the best ones to tell you what exactly you’ll regret not bringing!
Discover your inner adventurer and try a new outdoor activity today! You’re sure to not regret it.

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