Where Is Your Dream Wedding Location?

It may have not been a conventional rehearsal, but the food was great. For some reason, you simply could not convince your daughter to have a traditional wedding rehearsal at the church, so you thought that there might at least be a walk through after the dinner, but that did not happen either. The decision to have a family brunch the morning after the wedding was a popular choice, enjoyed by everyone. An opportunity to open the gifts with family members and close friends, the wedding couple enjoyed the chance to have one more time to thank those who had been such an important part of the day.

Fortunately, the golf course was a perfect setting for both the dinner and the rehearsal brunch.
Both Indoor and Outdoor Romantic Wedding Places Create a Great Setting

From the most unique wedding places that couples select because of earlier dates or gatherings to the use of outdoor party venues, there are many places that can help you create the perfect wedding. With the addition of a family brunch special the morning after the wedding, it is important to know that there are many times when the family likes to enjoy time together. And even when every wedding is not exactly the same, it is important to make sure that you are able to help your children create the event that they want.

Even though there are many times when couples still look for an option of a traditional wedding, there are still some who look at the option of an outdoor setting. In fact, according to statistics offered by Hudson Valley Weddings as many as 35% of weddings are now outdoor occasions. The average budget for the wedding ceremony and reception is $28,385, and there are times when it makes sense to select a less expensive outdoor location.

In addition to the ceremony itself, there are also many times when there is a substantial amount of money spent on the rehearsal dinner and the gathering the morning after. For instance, brides spent an average of $1,184 on their rehearsal dinners in 2013. This is an amount that has increased from $1,135 in the year 2012. Brides during the same time also spent $457 on their morning-after brunch, a number that was also an increases from $429 in 2012.

Whether you have a traditional rehearsal dinner and indoor wedding or whether you are looking at outdoor venues, there are many times when the a local private or public golf course is the perfect solution. Finishing up with a family brunch no matter what the ceremony was like can help you find a perfect way to end an eventful weekend.

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