5 Tips to Stay Safe While White Water Rafting

Each year, many people take vacations with others. If you’re looking for a great trip to take with family or friends, consider white water rafting. However, this might be your first time taking a white water rafting trip. It’s important to stay safe while you’re engaging in this activity. With that in mind, here are five important safety tips to follow while white water rafting.

  1. Enlist the Help of Local Rafting Guides

    Before enjoying raft trips, many people find it beneficial to hire a guide. This guide will help ensure that you and your group remain safe while white water rafting. After hiring your guide, make sure everyone listens to this person. A guide is there to provide help and instructions. Not following these instructions could lead to you and your group making mistakes while white water rafting.
  2. Bring Along Sunglasses

    Wearing sunglasses on white water rafting trips is a must. The main purpose of wearing sunglasses on these trips isn’t to look cool. While you’re rafting, you’ll want to protect your eyes from both the sun and its reflection on the water. Not wearing sunglasses while rafting could mean damaging your eyes. In addition, you’ll have a difficult time trying to navigate your raft without being able to see what’s in front of you.
  3. Always Wear Your Safety Gear

    In most situations, you’ll remain in your raft throughout the duration of your trip. However, it’s important to be prepared for the possibility that you might end up off of your raft. This is why you’ll always want to wear safety gear including a helmet and life jacket. In turn, you’ll be prepared to navigate areas of rough water.
  4. Safely Using Your Paddle

    An essential part of white water rafting involves using a paddle. Each person on your raft uses a paddle to navigate while in the water. Therefore, it’s important to know how to use your paddle in a proper manner. You’ll always want to ensure that you maintain a firm grip on your paddle. Your other hand needs to hold the paddle’s T grip. Keeping a firm grip on your paddle ensures you won’t lose it. While most paddles are made of plastic, they can still cause damage after flying out of your hands.
  5. Avoid Standing in the Raft

    Many people enjoy rafting as part of family trips. While most adults know to sit in their rafts, children might be unaware of this rule. Therefore, it’s a good idea to let everyone in your group know the importance of remaining seated while rafting. It’s common to encounter rougher areas during white water rafting trips. If someone is standing in a raft, it increases the likelihood of them falling into the water.

In closing, there are several important safety tips to follow while rafting. There are many locations throughout the United States that are perfect for this activity. Many people prefer to take their rafts on the Colorado River. This river stretches through 11 national parks. Regardless of where you choose to take white water rafting trips, it’s imperative that you follow the previously mentioned safety tips. In turn, you and your travel group can enjoy white water rafting in a safe manner.

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