Three Reasons Why You Should Consider A Sports Travel Package

Some sporting events go beyond just the sports themselves — they become once in a lifetime experiences. It’s no wonder that by 2020, the North American sports industry will be worth $74 million. Some events are special in themselves, due to their uniqueness and cultural cache — like, for example, the Kentucky Derby or the Olympics. Others are special for their fans specifically; but for those fans, going to see their favorite teams or athletes play live is more special than even the most major sporting events in the world. But wanting to see the big game is one thing — making it happens is another, especially when you have to travel out of town to make it happen.

Whether you’re looking to go to a Washington Redskins game or the Kentucky Derby, planning to travel out of town in order to attend a big sporting events is stressful. For that matter, you may end up spending more than you have to, on top of the money you’ll be sure to spend on the event itself. Of course, you could invest in a sports travel package — but lots of people assume that these are more trouble than they’re worth. That in itself is a misconception. Let’s look into the top advantages of using travel packages to attend your favorite, out of town sporting events!

1. Paying Less, Getting More

Say you decide to go to that Washington Redskins game, but you’re traveling from another state. You’ll need to — minimally — buy your NFL tickets, your accommodations, and your plane tickets. You may also need to rent a car, and this doesn’t take into account all of the extra costs that go into traveling. When booking a package through a tour company, even the most basic package will include your sports tickets, accommodations, and plane tickets. Often, bundling these necessities together enables you to get them at a discounted rate. That way, you can attend your Washington Redskins game, while paying less for your accommodations and plane tickets. A bigger package may also include reservations at nice restaurants, or VIP access to the event you’re attending. Ultimately, you’ll end up saving money by investing in a bundle, while getting a lot more bang for your buck.

2. Convenience

One of the reasons why people put off attending their favorite sporting events is that it’s usually something of a hassle. That Washington Redskins game is going to be packed, after all. And keeping track of your various tickets is no small matter — to the degree that a lot of people just decide against the matter altogether. When booking through a tour company, not only are all of your tickets bundled together — you don’t have to worry about getting them. This can be especially important when you’re booking an event that doesn’t happen often — like the FIFA Women’s World Cup, which has only been held every four years since it began in 1991. Another advantage of working with a tour company is that if any sort of issues come up with your accommodations or your flights, you have someone to turn to.

3. Extras and Add-Ons

When traveling out of town, you’ll probably want to do more than just attend the game of your choice and nothing else. MLB, NFL, NBA, and NHL teams can be found all together in just five cities — Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Denver, Detroit, and Chicago. But those are cities with a lot to offer! If you buy a package that is specifically geared towards an event, you may be able to add on extra experiences — whether they surround the event itself or not. For that matter, the company you work with may be able to make recommendations about those experiences, whether it be which restaurant you should make reservations at, or if the higher level seats at the stadium are really worth it. Because you’ll be working with professionals, it ill be easier for you to customize your experience.

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