Reasons to Take Your Team on a Soccer Tour


Are you looking to bring your team some competition while exposing them to different cultures? Costa Rica soccer tours are the right option for you. We offer the best sports tours no matter what age or level your team is playing at. Sports travel is becoming more an more popular with soccer fans. More than 240 million people around the world play soccer regularly, according to the Federation International de Football Association (FIFA). Even in towns will less than 200 people still have soccer fields in Costa Rica (among other countries). By combining soccer in Costa Rica and a tour experience, you will have one of the most unique team bonding experiences and the adventure of a lifetime.

Benefits of Travel to Costa Rica
The people of Costa Rica are known for being some of the friendliest around the world. In addition, the country has a diverse landscapes such as volcanoes, beaches, and rainforests. While traveling in Costa Rica, your team will experience the local cuisine, music, and dances. There are many sightseeing options for the soccer enthusiast as well, which can include watching a professional soccer game. Most tours can be customized to your individual preferences so you can see as much as you want while still receiving playing experience and time for training.

Benefits of Playing in Costa Rica
Soccer players of all ages will enjoy friendly international soccer matches against local teams. Around the world, 25 million kids play soccer or football, so learning the different styles of play can increase your teams’ skills. While playing against others and training in Costa Rica, your team will learn new techniques they may not have had access to in the United States. This international knowledge will put them ahead of the competition upon their return. It will also bring them closer together as a team and provide invaluable cultural experience.

Tours for All Ages
Once you decide on a tour, by the time you arrive in Costa Rica everything will be set up for you. Your team will be matched against similarly ranked clubs. From boys and girls clubs to University teams to amateur adult leagues, there are tours for players of all ages and levels. In addition, there are optional community service projects available if you want to work closely with the people of Costa Rica. Also, decide on which excursions your team will go on to explore the beautiful countryside. Tours can be customized to your teams’ preference and playing level so you all have the time of your life while in Costa Rica.

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