Ready to Clean Your Rubber Floor? What You Need to Know

Rubber athletic flooring

Do you work out and have a rubber floor mat that needs cleaning? Or do you run, and your indoor track court surfaces are starting to look a bit grody? Even outdoor rubber playground mats might need a good scrub sooner or later. Rubber, like everything, needs to be periodically cleaned. Because it is a synthetic material, however, you can’t always clean it in the same way you would clean ceramic tiles or hardwood floors. We have gathered, in one place, everything you need to know about rubber floor cleaning.

What You Should Know About Cleaning Rubber Tiles

  • Routine maintenance is important because, although rubber is fairly durable and stain resistant, small specks can be abrasive to the rubber surface over time, and can wear it down if not removed.
  • There are certain cleaning agents you never want to use, that are often commonly found in mixtures intended for other surfaces. Any solution that contains turpentine, is acidic, or is acetone based, can permanently damage your floor.
  • Unlike other types of floor materials, rubber can be immersed in water without being adversely affected.
  • A mop and warm water can be used to mop rubber athletic flooring in between cleaning with an actual solution.

What You Should Never Do With Indoor Sports Surfaces

  • If you are in charge of a gym, be careful about what you allow on rubber surfaces. Certain types of athletic shoes, such as those with cleats, can be harmful to rubber surfaces.
  • Allowing kids to have food and drinks near the floors is not going to be a good idea if you want to keep them clean. Soda and juices will leave a sticky mess, as will crumbs. Soda is also acidic, which can potentially damage the rubber if left on long enough.
  • Rubber floors are very durable but they shouldn’t be treated like cement. Vehicles or very heavy equipment should not be used on them, whether they are indoor our outdoor.
  • Indoor sports surfaces should be kept dry while in use, otherwise, moisture can cause athletes to fall and hurt themselves.

Do you have experience cleaning rubber floors? Let us know in the comments. Find out more here.

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