Get the Right Rental Equipment For Your Summer Party

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Summertime is approaching and there are a number of reasons to throw a party. Your children may be graduating from high school or college, your boss could have decided to give you an extra week’s vacation, or you may just want a way to kick of the new season on a high note. In any of the scenarios, it would be best to consult a party rental company to find the right accessories for your soiree.

Hosting a party in the summertime often requires less planning, as the outdoors can provide all background and entertainment you need. You do not necessarily have to worry about decorations or specific lighting if your party is during the day. The sunlight will be bright enough, and the trees surrounding the park or your backyard will be enough to accent the outdoor event. But if your party is going to be at night, you may want to consider renting a few items.

Canopy rental or party tent rental can be a great way to frame a night party, giving guests a chance to remain in the tent for snacks and meals, or roam about as they please. You can have multiple tents or canopies, one for food, one for drinks, another for dancing, and maybe even one more specifically designed for children at the party. You can fill these tents with chair and table rentals for guests to sit whenever they desire. It may not cost you much to have a few smaller tents either, with some costing as low as $100 for a 10′ x 10′ structure.

The tents should be lined with outdoor lighting rental as well. The moon will provide a soft glow to the entire gala, but you can add to the magic of night with the perfect lighting. You can work with a party rental company to find colored or white lights that accent the rest of your rental accessories. In the nighttime, white lights may contrast the dark well, and colored ones can also playfully reflect the blackness of the sky and luster of the stars.

Keep in mind that you do not have to go the whole nine yards and rent table linens, chair covers, and dinnerware. A summer party is usually a lot more casual, and you can be light with your decorations too. Rent the party basics, such as tables, chairs, tents and lighting, but you can find your own solutions for table covers, decor, and utensils. Most guests will be looking to have a great time in the warmth, not focusing on random party rental details. So go ahead, and be creative. More.

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