Is Your Snowmobile Ready? It’s Almost Riding Season!

Is snowmobile riding your passion? There is a snowmobile for sale that will make that first snowfall pure joy. Whether you want to focus on speed and performance, or you prefer recreational and leisure power sports you can find a snowmobile for sale from top manufacturers. Last year alone, there were 118,657 snowmobiles that were sold worldwide; 44,161 were sold within Canada and 50,659 were sold within the United States. That’s a lot of recreational snowmobiling happening as a favorite pastime.

Snowmobile riding season can be a great joy once you have made a visit to a snowmobile dealer in Michigan. Engaging dealerships are ready to assist you in finding the perfect snowmobile for sale. All of your questions will be answered including how to safely store a snowmobile and how to get it ready for an upcoming snowmobiling season, which is before you store it for the summer.

Snowmobile Dealers in Michigan Know All of the Ins and Outs

Snowmobile maintenance is quite important when it comes to keeping your snowmobile equipment in great condition. Once you have found the perfect snowmobile for sale you need to know how to store it, operate it, and perform necessary maintenance to keep it 100% operational.

Snowmobile dealers are experts when it comes to helping you find the snowmobile of your dreams. Be sure to ask questions and find out what different makes and models require when you search for a quality snowmobile for sale. Whether you get your snowmobile ready for the next riding season, or you decide to let the professionals do it for you, the following checklist will help ensure everything is working properly.

Understand All of the Moving Parts

Part of understanding all of the moving parts of a snowmobile is knowing that those parts require grease and lube in order to operate at pique performance. Greasing tends to be an easy job for the rear suspension, steering components, front suspension and driveshaft. All you need is a grease gun and low-temp grease in a can and you can accomplish the job in as little as ten minutes. Your shop manual is always helpful when it comes to locating all of the parts that need greasing.

Check beneath the skis to see if you have much of a cutting edge left on the carbides. If flattened off without any useable carbide, it’s time to change them. You may also need to change the chaincase lube. This tends to be a forgotten task that can have a serious impact on the performance and health of a snowmobile. The chaincase lube can break and shear over time which in turn reduces lubricating properties. Metal shavings from the sprocket and chain can build up and make changing the chaincase lube an important part of getting your snowmobile snow-worthy every year.

More sets of hyfax have wear indicators to inform you of their lifespan. If your hyfax are near the end of their lifespan it’s time to swap them out with a new set so the track spins freely. You will also need to check tracks for cracks or separation in the rubber and any missing lugs. If any serious damage is noticed, you need new track. Track that is blown apart while reaching high speeds can be dangerous. Ensure that any missing track studs or clips are replaced if you are running them.

Other parts of a snowmobile that require attention include checking the tail and headlights, flushing fuel, topping fluids off and checking for leaks, checking the clutch and belt, checking the engine for drive belt wear, rust and broken or cracked engine mounts, changing the shocks every 1,000 miles, checking the cooling system, checking the brakes, throttle and oil cables for damage or wear, cleaning the carburetor, checking exhaust mounts and springs, lubricating fillings, checking for cracked suspension springs and arms, checking for cracks in the skid frame, making sure the wheels aren’t overly wobbly or stuck, checking for loose or broken bolts and nuts and checking for rust on the body.

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