Ice Hockey How You Can Take Part At Home

Homemade ice rink

Ice hockey is one of the most popular sports in the world. It has a strong following in the United States, with many different teams on every level. Hockey is arguably even moe popular in colder countries like Canada and Russia. In some areas — especially colder areas — the passion for hockey rivals the passion for football. Ice hockey is rapidly becoming more popular among people from all backgrounds, especially in the United States. Just as there are baseball teams for young children, so too are there now hockey teams for kids. Furthermore, many people appreciate getting into hockey even if they don’t have the skill or inclination for the professional sphere. Hockey is also no longer meant simply for men. Women are becoming more and more involved in sports like ice hockey, with the contact elements of the sport no longer intimidating them. As you’ll see below, there are many benefits of ice hockey. With that being said, some find it difficult to practice ice hockey, especially when they don’t live close to an ice rink. This, among other reasons, are why backyard ice rinks have become so popular. With that being said, you can’t just install a home ice rink and expect all to be well. You also need to look into practical things like ice rink brackets to stabilize the rink. This is especially true when you consider the physicality involved in ice hockey!

A Brief History Of Ice Hockey

Ice hockey is a sport with a fabled history, stretching back many years. Some believe that hockey was first mentioned in 1363, though it may stretch back even further. Certainly, hockey was in play by the sixteenth century. These games used to be, basically, stick-ball games. They weren’t that complicated, and certainly didn’t involve the intense physicality that ice hockey is known for today! But they were popular, and gradually grew into the sport that we’ve come to know and love. Montreal was the homeplace of hockey’s real initial growth in the nineteenth century. It’s no wonder why Canadians are so passionate about hockey! Hockey gained renown worldwide not only for its spectacle but its intensity. That intensity today remains, and is one of the reasons why, whether you’re playing professionally or casually, barriers like ice rink brackets have become so necessary for the playing of the sport. With all of this being said, professional hockey has only existed since the twentieth century — while its roots are old, its history on a professional level is not. Perhaps this is why hockey remains somewhat rough as a sport, but its fans and players certainly wouldn’t change that element! Whether you’re practicing the sport with professional or amateur goals, or simply trying to have fun, a homemade ice rink can make a big difference in your skill level, and therefore aid you in avoiding such injuries. Of course, there are plenty of benefits to playing ice hockey, even when you set aside its fun elements.

How Ice Hockey Can Benefit You

If you find yourself playing ice hockey on a regular basis — whether on backyard rinks or school rinks, or even large rinks in town — you’ll probably see more benefits to your physical health than risks. Hockey is an endurance-dependent sport, and it will better your overall cardiovascular health. Cardiovascular disease is responsible for much death, killing 800,000 people in 2011 alone. The better your cardiovascular health, the lower your risk for disease. Ice hockey is also great in that it brings people together, with 65% of people participating in youth sports reporting that they do so to interact with friends, and 71% saying that they don’t care about keeping score. Ice rink brackets luckily lower your risk of injury. But ice rink brackets don’t do that alone. Ice rink tarps and liners help as well.

The choice is clear — if you want to take part in this great sport or just have fun, you need to be dedicated. Try investing in a backyard ice rink!

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