Does Your Athletic Team Get New Uniforms This Year?

Basketball team uniforms

All of the athletes at the small Louisiana liberal arts college are jealous of the new women’s triathalon team. As the newest athletic team on campus, the custom team uniforms for the triathalon women athletes are also the newest. While the softball team uniforms had seen better days and the basketball team team uniforms were only two years old, the newest uniforms for the athletes who were swimming, biking, and running made everyone regret their chosen sport for awhile.
Do You Have a Favorite College or PRofessional Team Uniform
Although Division I colleges across the country may get new football team uniforms every year, many smaller colleges and other sports at the largest schools have to wait their turn until their team apparel rotation comes up. And while football team uniforms may get some of the most attention on campus, athletic uniforms are a popular topic of many major sporting events.
The Mens College World Series which is held every year in Omaha, Nebraska, for example, is one event that has both new and old fans looking for their favorite teams’ baseball jerseys as the June contest approaches. The combination of team colors and school mascots make for a colorful, and sometimes unusual, combination of banners lining the streets of downtown Omaha. The biggest fans can identify the team uniforms at a glance as the eight college teams spread out across the city to high school fields for practice sessions. The first official baseball game in 1846 likely showcased more talent than team colors, but even when fans started paying $1 for a ticket in 1920 fans may have already been looking for team colors and uniforms that would become their favorites.
Fast forward to 2016 and the teams are starting to earn their trip on the Road to Omaha. Texas Tech wearing red and black, UC-Santa Barbara wearing blue and yellow, University of Miami wearing green and orange, Oklahoma State wearing orange and black, and Arizona wearing the patriotic red, white, and blue already have their tickets. And as a result those team colors will be flooding the largest city in Nebraska. As sports fans across the country wait to see who the last three teams are, it is certain that the sports tents are quickly preparing their College World Series apparel that closely resembles the visiting team’s baseball team uniforms.
Athletic Apparel Distribution Is One of Every College Athlete’s Favorite Days on Campus
Whether athletes are on the starting roster for a Division I athletic track and field contest or a third string player on a Division III football team, team apparel day is an exciting time. New football team uniforms that debut on national television channels may garner the most attention, but every athlete on every college campus gets excited for the competition to start once the uniforms are handed out.

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