Here are 3 Types of Coolers That Could Go On Your Next Camping Trip

Camping has been a popular outdoor activity for a number of years and continues to be so even today. In fact, Millennials and Gen Xers make up three-quarters of all campers, with Millennials alone accounting for 40%. Camping can take a number of forms, with 53% of new campers staying in tents, 25% staying in cabins, and 19% choosing the option of an RV. One thing all of these campers have in common though, is that they take some type of cooler on their trip with them. Coolers are an invaluable tool to take on any camping trip, because they can be used to store all kinds of perishable supplies. Plus, they can be taken just about anywhere and be put to good use. Not surprisingly, there are many types of coolers that could be taken on a camping trip, and this article will take a look at a few of them.

  • Hard Coolers: One type of cooler that could go on a camping trip is hard coolers. These are hard sided coolers that come in a number of sizes and can be used to store anything from drinks to food supplies. For long camping trips lasting up to a week or longer, large hard coolers are the ideal choice, since they can be packed to the brim with a large variety of food items, allowing campers to remain fed on their trip without having to run to a grocery store every other day. On the other hand, small hard coolers can also be brought along purely for the purpose of storing drinks. It’s really up to the camper which size cooler they need the most.
  • Soft Side Coolers: Another type of cooler that could go on a camping trip are soft side coolers. As the name implies, these are coolers that have soft sides made of fabric, and they can be easily collapsed once they’re empty to be folded up in storage. Soft side coolers can also come in a variety of sizes, but due to their nature, it’s not uncommon to see soft side coolers that are smaller than their hard side counterparts. As with hard side coolers, soft side coolers can also be used to store food items and drinks, though they’re not always as durable as hard side coolers, so that should be kept in mind if you buy one.
  • Live Bait Coolers: And finally, a third type of cooler that could go on a camping trip is live bait coolers. These are coolers that are entirely different from regular hard side and soft side coolers because they are used to store live bait instead of food or drinks. This is the perfect kind of cooler to take if you’re planning on going on an extended fishing trip and you want to store a lot of bait while you’re away.

In conclusion, there are several kinds of coolers that you can take on a camping trip. These cooler types include, but are not limited to: hard coolers, soft side coolers, and live bait coolers. Each cooler is helpful in its own unique way, as hard side and soft side coolers are best for storing food and drink, while live bait coolers, as their name implies, are best for storing live bait. These are just a few of the coolers that can be taken on a camping trip.

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