Essential Open Water Swimming Tips For Beginners

Swimming, whether in a pool or open water, is one skill everyone needs to learn. Some might be afraid of the open water swim, but this video provides tips on how you can navigate through such waters. An open water swim calls for specific considerations for you to swim comfortably.

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First, you need to understand the water you are swimming in the open water, be it lake, river, ocean, etc. Knowing and understanding the water entail your ability to tell the water temperature (when the sun is shining) and the flow (zero flow) of water. The two are fundamental when choosing open water.

The video highlights necessary equipment to use in open water. A proper fit wetsuit will give you great confidence in the water, the googles for great water vision, swim buoy/toe float for easy floating, and a headgear/hat that is brightly colored for you be spotted easily. Besides, it would help if you exuded confidence while swimming. It is demonstrated through tips such as keeping your head above the water, taking deep breaths and playing around it, and relaxing with your back on the water. All in all, swimming connects you with nature but be safe in open waters.

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