Don’t Lose Your Catch To A Bear! Buy The Right Cooler

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Hunting and fishing are some of the great American past-times. Every hot summer or temperate spring we see tens of millions of Americans taking time off work and school to enjoy the outdoors with their favorite fishing lure and most comfortable sleeping bag. When it comes to securing your catch at the end of the day, however, finding the cooler that suits your needs can make or break a memorable trip. Everything from bears to extreme temperatures can lay unexpected waste to your hard work! Whether you’re an angler or a camper, buying the right backpack cooler or bait cooler should be the first thing on your mind.

Camping In America

It’s estimated over 38 million Americans hunt and fish every year, with a whopping 16,000,000 boats in regular use across the nation. Hiking is a longtime favorite of many an American family, with the year 2013 seeing approximately 34 million hiking participants throughout the U.S. The average camping trip costs $380, while American vacations can go as high as $1,400. Contrary to popular belief, most fishing trips are impromptu, with 81% of respondents to a survey saying they prefer to be spontaneous with their beloved hobby.

Hunting, Fishing And Bears, Oh My!

Everyone loves reining in a big catch, but nobody likes losing it to a hungry animal! Bears have an extremely keen sense of smell, estimated over seven times more powerful than the average dog, which means the cooler you’re looking for is one that can withstand a strong nose and even stronger claws. Other good habits to keep in mind are disposing of any and all toiletries (think soap or shampoo) and food properly to avoid detection, as well as cooking your lunch or dinner at least 100 feet downwind of where you’re sleeping.

Buying The Right Cooler

The cooler you buy should advertise a few key qualities. The first is its ability to properly seal in smell to discourage the roaming noses of wild animals…and how to withstand punishment if it’s already detected! A bear-proof cooler, for example, is one that can handle around 60 minutes of contact time with a bear. The second is temperature regulation — you should be confident that the fish you seal away won’t rot when you get back home! Last, but not least, it should be portable and easy to carry with you regardless of whether you’re hiking or boating across the river. Next time you’re enjoying some free time in the great outdoors, double-check your local cooler brands and consider an upgrade to ensure a pleasant and successful trip.

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