A Global Issue That You Can Help Solve – Prevent Water Pollution in 5 Easy Ways

Reducing water pollution

Water pollution is a serious problem affecting people all over the globe. In certain areas, there is little water available and the water that people do have access to is not suitable for drinking. Did you know that over 147 million people do not have access to clean drinking water? Though the problem seems massive, there are ways you can make an impact. By starting small, your actions can begin to change the world. Here are 5 quick and easy ways to prevent water pollution and promote water conservation.

  1. Turn off the faucet when not in use.
    This may seem obvious, but many people still forget to turn the tap off when brushing their teeth or washing dishes. Simple actions such as these are the first steps in preventing water pollution and waste.
  2. When cooking, do not pour oils or fats down the drain.
    Some people will rinse their cooking pans, oil and all, right in the sink after their meal. Fats solidify when they are no longer hot and will clog up drains and pollute the water system.
  3. Do not flush medicines or pills down the toilet to discard them.
    These are chemicals and act as contaminants in the water. A good rule of thumb to preventing water pollution: if you can throw it away as solid waste, use a standard trash can instead of flushing or pouring down the drain.
  4. Eliminate use of pesticides when gardening.
    Not only are they unhealthy for you to be consuming, but the use of chemicals in home gardens pollute the water that runs off into other water sources nearby. Help to stop water pollution by using homemade, organic pesticide alternatives for your home garden.
  5. Educate others.
    The easiest method to preventing water pollution is to educate others. By sharing these easy tips, the small impact made by one person will grow to two people, then three and beyond. The more people taking action to reduce water pollution, the greater the impact will be.

    March 22nd is World Water Day 2016
    . See if your community is holding any events or activities to commemorate the day. With your help, we can work to create cleaner water all over the globe.

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