5 Advantages of Playing Tennis on ClayTech

The standard tennis court measures 78 feet in length and is 27 feet wide. Considering the size of a tennis court, you’ll want to give a lot of consideration to its surface. There is a wide range of tennis court surfaces available. That being said, it’s tough to find a playing surface with all the advantages of ClayTech. With that in mind, here are five advantages of playing on a ClayTech tennis court.

  1. Easier on the Body

    If you play tennis regularly, you might feel pain after playing more than a few sets. While you might think this happens to all players, it’s important to determine which type of surface you’re playing on. Harder surfaces have less flexibility, placing more stress on all parts of the body. However, ClayTech mats give you durability while also being able to adjust to pressure. In turn, ClayTech mats reduce stress and wear the body endures while playing tennis on hard surfaces.
  2. Very Easy to Maintain

    Experts recommend cleaning the surface of your tennis court once per month. In some cases, tennis court owners must follow many other tips in order to keep these areas looking great. However, ClayTech requires minimal maintenance when compared to other tennis court surface types. In most cases, you’ll only need to give these surfaces a bit of water and a sweep before play begins. Many tennis court owners use an Aussie Clean Sweep for fast and easy cleaning. An Aussie Clean Sweep is a court cleaning tool that gathers debris from the surface of your tennis court.
  3. Surface Temperature Remains Cool

    Picking up tennis balls to play on a hot surface is never a fun experience. Unfortunately, many tennis court surfaces can become extremely hot during the summer months. If you want to beat the heat while playing tennis, consider a ClayTech surface for your court. ClayTech is a more breathable material than comparable hard surfaces. This means that heat is allowed to escape from the ClayTech surface, making for a cooler play environment during hotter days of the year.
  4. Quick Drying After Rainy Days

    Statistics show that tennis is a great form of exercise. In fact, only 30 minutes of playing tennis can burn 208 calories for a man and 169 calories for a woman. However, nothing can ruin getting exercise from playing tennis faster than rainy weather. Unfortunately, many types of tennis mats require extensive drying after being rained on.
  5. Perfect Option for Home Players

    Throughout the world, many players have access to clay courts. That being said, this isn’t as common throughout the United States. Therefore, many players from the United States have no idea of how to play well on a clay court. Considering that, a ClayTech is able to bring the experience of playing on a clay surface to your home. Learning how to play well on various surface types works well to improve your overall skills as a tennis player.

To summarize, there are several advantages of playing on a ClayTech court. This surface type is easier on the body while being extremely easy to maintain. If you want to keep your court extra clean, place down tennis court trash baskets. Another great way to keep your ClayTech surfaces clean is by using an Aussie Clean Sweep. If you’re looking for an easy to maintain tennis court, start with ClayTech surfaces.

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