Wiping Down Your Equipment Isn’t Enough Boosting Your Performance With Rolled And Shaved Bats

How well do you take care of your baseball or softball equipment?

For some players, maintenance is a basic wipedown session. While this can work if you’re having a particularly busy week, good maintenance goes well beyond the surface. You need to dig a little deeper to bring out the hidden potential in your favorite sport. Rolled and shaved bats are a useful tool you can use to improve your swing and, by association, your game. If you’ve ever wondered how much better you could start playing, look no further than your local bat shaving service.

Rolled and shaved slowpitch softball bats can be bought or customized with the help of a professional. Next time you play, you’ll wonder why you ever went without it.

Let’s get a little terminology out of the way first. Rolled bats, shaved bats, doctored bats…they all mean, essentially, the same thing. A bat shaving service hollows out the core of your bat and allows you to create a stronger, more reliable swing. Not only is the bat itself lighter, the additional ‘pop’ will send the ball higher and farther when it connects. If you already have a bat to your repertoire, consider taking it to a shaving service and see if they can’t touch it up.

Rolled and shaved bats start with the interior. Professional baseball services provide a similar function for today’s best players, making sure their equipment is up to par with modern standards. Even a minor dent or flaw in the bat can compromise an entire game! Using today’s best technology, the inside of the bat is gradually and carefully hollowed out to create a bouncier surface. Don’t try this at home, as it can be both dangerous and yield less-than-satisfying results.

The rest of your equipment should be up to par, as well. Make sure your baseball mitt is a good size and give it a few test rounds to soften up the leather — a mitt that’s too stiff will compromise your catch. Add some glove powder to the mix and grab a baseball towel to wipe off in-between matches. If you’re not sure what else you need, consider visiting an equipment store and taking a look. You’ll be surprised at what a simple swap can do for your confidence.

What else should you know before applying for rolled and shaved slowpitch softball bats? Remember that shaved bats don’t do well in cold temperatures. If it’s colder than 65 degrees Fahrenheit, leave your rolled bats at home — thanks to the thinner interior, these bats can become brittle and unreliable. When storing them somewhere cool, wrap them up in a towel or a blanket to retain their temperature. The more you take care of your equipment, the better you and your teammates will feel.

When’s a good time to get into the appeal of shaved bats? Before your next summer game kicks off. Reach out to baseball bat shaving services and ask them to take a look at your sports equipment. They can determine if it’s strong enough to hold up to a shaving session or if you’d be better off purchasing rolled and shaved baseball bats for sale. They’ll teach you useful upkeep methods and ensure you’re always getting the most out of your purchase.

Give your equipment a boost in 2020. Rolled and shaved bats are a great way to kick up your performance with minimal effort.

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