When to Use Shaved and Rolled Baseball Bats

A number of sports around the world are distinct because of the gear used to play them, such as basketballs and hoops, tennis nets and racquets, football goal posts, and golf clubs. Of course, this also includes softball and baseball, and these sports are hugely popular in North America and Japan in particular. Athletes, both pro and amateur alike, can get the best baseball bats and mitts possible for a good game, and sports retailers are bound to stock everything a new player will need. But what about shaved and rolled softball bats for sale, and creating rolled and shaved bats? Rolled Adidas bats, for example, will outperform regular wooden bats, and a bat shaving service can provide a souped-up metal baseball bat. These shaved and rolled softball bats for sale can be found online from secondary sellers, too.

Rolling a Wooden Bat

Typical shaved and rolled softball bats for sale are modified for enhanced performance, and while they are not allowed at sanctioned or official games, they are a great choice for casual games of softball, and rolled bats are a good option for practice sessions, too. Ash wood is the traditional material of baseball bats, which continues to this day, and a wooden bat will get broken in over time. As it is used, a wooden bat’s natural fibers become bent and broken from repeated baseball strikes, and after enough strikes, the bat becomes more flexible and can strike balls further. Hence, it is fully broken in.

An interested buyer can simply find rolled wooden bats online for sale and use them, but they can also buy a regular wooden bat and take it to a rolling service to have it modified correctly. The staff at a bat rolling service will pass that wooden bat through a series of pressurized rollers that evenly distress the bat, rapidly simulating the pressure of many baseball strikes. The end result is a wooden bat that mimics the performance of a fully broken in bat, minus all the time needed for breaking it in normally. Such rolled bats can strike baseballs and softballs further than normal, and this makes them a great choice for casual games (never sanctioned games, since they’re illegal and experts can spot them on sight). Also, a serious player may used rolled bats as substitutes for their prized wooden bats during practice sessions, so they don’t have to risk damaging their game-worthy wooden bats.

Shaving a Metal Bat

Meanwhile, some modern brands of baseball and softball bats are made of lightweight metal, and these metal bats are hollow on the inside. They also feature padding in their bodies, to give them durability and some flexibility during gameplay. A metal bat is fully game-ready right off the shelf, though bat doctoring is possible for these, too. A metal bat does not have wood fibers to break in, so instead, doctoring metal bats means shaving away the interior padding.

Shaving a baseball bat means taking it to a shaving service, and there, the employees will remove the bat’s end cap to expose its hollow interior. Now, that metal bat is placed on a lathe table, and it is fed to a rotating grinder that will scrape off a few ounces of that bat’s inner padding. Care must be taken, though, since removing too much padding will make the bat too fragile during gameplay, and it may shatter when used. The same is true for shaving padding from the handle; in fact, it’s best to not remove any padding from the handle at all. But if this is done correctly, then the bat’s end cap is put back on, and it will become more flexible and it can strike balls further than unmodified metal bats. Anyone who can’t find any convenient shaved and rolled softball bats for sale online can visit one of these services instead, and learn more details about how bat modification is done.

Doctored metal bats are suitable for casual games, such as at the local park, where league rules aren’t enforced. They shouldn’t be used in temperatures below 65 degrees Fahrenheit, though, or they may suffer some damage. So, try using them indoors, or in warmer weather for optimal results.

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