What Tools Are Used By Your Local Jet Ski Repair Company

In this video, Mark from Erickson’s Machine and Performance talks about the proper tools for working on your own jet ski. He is from a jet ski repair company, and he explains all the various tools that may be needed when working on a jet ski.

The purpose of this video is to explain the standard tools that are used in a jet ski repair company and could be needed, so you can decide which tools you want to purchase. Mark recommends buying one for life.

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However, he does not suggest that you buy cheaper tools that may not last.

Some of the tools shown in the video include:

If you plan to do electrical work, you should invest in a good multi-meter.

An IR temp gun, which is inexpensive, to help determine if the cooling system is working.

Compression gauge is critical to ensuring the engine is working, but again, do not purchase cheap gauges. They may not give you accurate readings. You can buy a nice used one. Stick to the name brand options to ensure you are getting correct readings.

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