What to Know About Armor Vests

Police officers end up in some dangerous situations quite commonly, so having the proper protection is going to be crucial. One type of protection is ar500 body armor, which can protect from a variety of attack types. According to data kept by the government, within the past ten years, there were 60,000 direct attacks on police offers, not to mention those times they just end up within the line of fire. The gun reality in real in the world of the police force.

Shootings are actually the second leading cause of death for police officers, just behind car accidents. There’s nothing a police officer can do to get completely away from guns, but they can use as much protection as possible while they’re working. Wearing bulletproof body armor can literally mean the difference between life and death if a police officer is shot at.

However, this does not mean that all body armor is up to the job. There are different strength levels of body armor and if someone gets shot with a powerful gun while wearing a low level of armor protection, that’s going to be an issue. The only way around this is to use a more powerful type of body armor, such as the ar500. The armor at ar500 comes in a variety of different levels and even styles. In addition to offering vests and that type of body armor, they also have belts and gun holsters, and anything else a police officer might need to feel safe on duty.

Some statistics have found that around 73 percent of police departments ask their police officers to wear body vests at all times, but others would argue that it not enough. The police officers who are not wearing the protection gear are putting themselves at an unnecessarily high risk while on the job. This can be changed by both changing policies as well as changing the strength of the body armor that is being used. Law enforcement safety has never been more important, and the better the protective gear gets, the more effective our police force can continue to be.

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