What Tactical Tomahawks Are Used in Today’s Modern Times

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The Thanksgiving holiday is the perfect time to reflect on Native American contributions to American culture and society. Perhaps one of the most notable contributions is the tomahawk axe. Though fighting tomahawks and combat tomahawks were used for self-defense and in times of war, tomahawks were designed to be multipurpose, versatile tools used to execute a variety of tasks such as chopping, cutting, rooting, and preparing animal hides.

Realizing the potential of this took, European colonists quickly began using this tool, and adapted it for their own specific purposes. Fast forward to today, and tomahawks are still used. In fact, today’s modern tomahawks and tactical tomahawks are widely used by military personnel, law enforcement officers, outdoor enthusiasts and martial artists.

Thanks to the internet, there is plenty of info on tactical tomahawks, however, people are often curious as to how or why there are used. Here is some more info on tactical tomahawks.

Tomahawks are different from axes and hatchets

This is perhaps some of the most important info on tactical tomahawks. Axes and hatchets are not specifically designed for tactical or military use. Axes are best suited for many of the same chores an edged tool can be used for, such as shaving and splitting. Hatchets, while smaller than axe, are typically heavier to make chopping easier. Both axes and hatchets have ergonomic handles which accommodate several grips. Tactical tomahawks on the other hand are lighter, featuring a straight handle that is ideal for breaching and bushcraft.

When were tactical tomahawks first used?

Tactical tomahawks have been used by the military since the 18th century. In fact, they were used by both sides of the American Revolution. As firearm technology advanced, the need for a close-quarters weapon decreased. However, tactical tomahawks made comeback in the mid-1960’s during the Vietnam war. Due the unique challenges of today’s urban battlegrounds, tactical tomahawks have increased in popularity, inspiring several new designs and modifications.

How are they used today?

Tactical tomahawks are often used for breaching, but can also be used for a number of other tasks, such as cutting rope, chopping, spitting, digging and prying. This is extremely beneficial for soldiers and law enforcement officer; one tool that can perform several functions. While theoretically they can be used for close quarters combat, that is not their intended designed nor an expected use.

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