What Is the Best Sporting Event You Have Ever Attended?

You are hoping that third time is a charm.

The first time that you almost went to the PGA Masters you physically could not get to it on time. You were in California when your wife called to say that her uncle had tickets to the first round of the golf tournament that you had always dreamed of attending. The tickets were free, you had a free place to stay, but you could not, even with free airline miles to get the ticket, physically make it to the tournament in time.

The second time that you almost went to the PGA Masters your wife bought the two of you tickets for your birthday. Planning months in advance for the trip of a lifetime, you found out just a few weeks later your best friend was getting married the same weekend and he wanted you to be his best man. You never even had the nerve to tell him about the golf tournament plans and simply asked your wife to sell them and you would try another time.

This is the other time. With any luck, by the time spring arrives you will be heading to the PGA Masters for real this time.

Sports Travel and Tour Packages Are a Popular Holiday Gift
Only five U.S. cities have all four major sports: Los Angeles, Denver, Chicago, Detroit, and Philadelphia. And while these cities might be great destinations for fans who follow the MLB, the NFL, the NBA, and the NHL, there are many other cities that offer great options for sports tour packages. Whether you are getting ready to travel with a group of the guys for a Bachelor Party weekend or you want to make sure that the family has a summer vacation they will never forget, a trip to see one of your favorite teams compete is always a great plan. And even though the five largest sports in the U.S. are football, basketball, baseball, hockey, and soccer, there are also a number of other sports that have a great following.

As an example, the recent popularity of curling in the midwest has created a real boon. From the first time that the city of Omaha hosted the Olympic Curling Trials last summer to the International Curling Competition that they are hosting this winter, there are now volunteers who are taking vacation days to help at the event. If an obscure sport in a city known for its harsh winters can draw both crowds and volunteers, then fans should realize that any event can be a party if you make it one.

Don’t wait until your third attempt to make sure that you get to see your favorite team, your favorite sport, or your favorite arena. Make today the day that you make your plans to book your most exciting, and charming, trip!

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