Want To See Your Favorite Sports Team Play? Here’s How You Can Make It Happen

Whether you love hockey, soccer, baseball, basketball, football or another sport, there’s nothing better than attending live sporting events. Between the opportunity to watch an event live and the chance to soak in the atmosphere, attending a sporting event is still a unique experience that can’t quite be replicated watching on the TV at home.

It’s big business too. The North American sports industry is expected to rake in more than $69 billion from ticket and merchandise sales, media rights and sponsorship fees, according to the latest sports outlook from PricewaterhouseCoopers. By 2020, the North American sports industry is expected to be worth $74 million or more.

Whether you’re looking for World Cup packages, NFL packages, Kentucky Derby packages, golf packages among others, there’s something for sports fans of all kinds. Many travel agencies have gotten into the sports travel business and try to cater different packages to different groups of fans.

If you live in suburban Washington D.C. and want to book a Washington Redskins travel package, chances are good there’s something available. Want to travel cross country to watch your school take on a big rival? There’s a travel package for that too. Want to travel internationally to watch the World Cup? There are plenty of World Cup packages available.

If you’re planning on booking a sports travel package as part of your next vacation, here are some helpful tips to get the most out of the trip.

  • Choose hotels wisely: For many of the bigger sporting events in North America and around the world there are partner hotels. These hotels can offer favorable rates and packages that are reasonably priced. As if that wasn’t enough, these hotels usually offer shuttles to and from whatever event you’re attending, which eliminates the hassle of having to find and then pay for parking in a crowded area.

    Another big reason for staying at partner hotels? The fans. With a partner hotel you’re likely to be surrounded by fans who are supporting the same team you are, which will hopefully add more enjoyment to our experience.
  • Dress to impress: Depending on what sporting event you’re attending, it’s important to dress the part. If you’re attending the Kentucky Derby for example, you will probably want to wear something fancy. If you’re attending a golf tournament, try wearing golf shirts and dress pants. If you’re attending a football game on an NFL package, consider buying a jersey of whichever team you support.
  • When in Rome: If you’re attending a major sporting event in a big city, try eating some of the local specialties. Having great food will add more enjoyment to your experience and you may just find a local dish you enjoy. If you’re in Philadelphia, pick up a cheesesteak. Traveling to Baltimore? Try the local seafood. Attending the Kentucky Derby? Be sure to try a mint julep. Many of the larger sports arenas have stands with local favorites, so there’s always a place to try something new.
  • Go exploring: If you buy a sports travel package for a particular sporting event, by all means enjoy that event. But don’t sell yourself short either. Check out local hot spots, look for places with live music, sample some brews at a local bar or have a meal at a popular restaurant. If you’re not coming back to this spot anytime soon, make the most of the trip.
  • Enjoy It: Whether you purchase World Cup packages, hockey packages or NFL packages, don’t be afraid to make a vacation out of the trip. If you’re headed to Las Vegas for a sporting event, think about making the drive to see the Grand Canyon. If the sporting event you’re attending is close to a big city, take a drive to see what’s going on in the big city. As previously mentioned, make the most of the trip.

From World Cup packages to baseball packages to NFL packages to basketball packages and all things in between, there are no shortage of travel package available for sports fans. Talk to a local travel agent to find the right package and once you go, be sure to make the most of your trip.

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