Tips to Keep Your Motorcycle Tires in Great Shape

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In 2011, there were about 8,410,255 motorcycles on roads in the United States. People who ride love it. For Harley Davidson aficionados, a motorcycle is a member of the family. If you love to ride, you need to pay attention to your motorcycle tires. Fortunately, Motorcycle Cruiser has put out some things people can do to keep their motorcycle tires in great shape.andnbsp;

  1. Inspect your tires. The tires for a motorcycle will show signs of wear and tear long before they really need to be replaced. When you take the time to look at them on a regular basis, you will know what to look for and when they are starting to get a little thin. Making a plan for what to do as your tires start to wear out is a good idea as well. Basically, you should know what kind of tire you are going to want to buy when yours wear out, where you can buy it, and what you should expect to pay for it. The time you spend getting to know your motorcycle tires is time well spent so go ahead and make time for these inspections.
  2. Look for discounts. If you know you like a certain kind of motorcycle tires, you can keep an eye out for sales and other discount events. From time to time, you may see sales for motorcycle apparel, motorcycle eyewear, and even sales on motorcycle fenders and motorcycle gaskets. When you see sales like that, see if the store having the sale is also offering deals on tires. You can also look online for deals.
  3. Keep them filled with air. You would not drive around in your car on tires that are not filled with enough air, you should never consider doing that on your motorcycle. Riding around without having enough air in the motorcycle tires can do a lot of damage to the tires and put you at risk for a dangerous accident. One good thing you can do is check the pressure in your motorcycle tired the same way you do for your car. That way you will know you are riding around on tires that have been inflated to the right pressure all of the time.

    Use the right tool to measure your tire pressure. When you first buy any kind of gauge, it will be very accurate. Over time, they can become less and less accurate. You can have the pros check your tire pressure for you or you can check your gauge against others and see if it is losing its ability to check the pressure in your tired.

  4. Make sure the alignment is right. If your motorcycle has a best or a chain, you need to keep an eye on the alignment. You can have this done at a repair shop or you can buy something to measure it. At the end of the day, you just want to make sure your alignment is correct to keep your tires in good shape.
  5. Be careful cleaning your tires. Experts in motorcycle maintenance say that when you clean your motorcycle tires, you should use only gentle soap and water. There are a lot of places that sell products that they claim will protect your tires but they are a waste of money and may do more harm than good. They can dry out your tires, which will lead to cracks and other problems with the tires. Just keep them looking good with plain old soap and water.
  6. Take it easy on the brakes. When you are slowing to a stop, do that gently. When you press down hard on your brakes you do more than scare the people behind you. You also put a lot of undue pressure on your tires. Be good to your tires and take more time when you slow down. This will be good for your bike and will help to keep your tires in great shape for a longer period of time.

People who like to ride motorcycles will tell you that there is nothing like the freedom you feel while riding. Keeping your tires in good shape will only add to that feeling of freedom.

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