Three Soccer Moves All Players Should Add to Their Repertoire

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When you send your children to summer soccer camps, or enroll them in youth soccer leagues, you are giving them a chance to greatly enhance their ability. These camps and leagues are run by coaches that have had extensive experience playing the sport, and can help children learn soccer skills that will expand their knowledge of the game.

Basic soccer training begins with learning how to dribble, pass, and shoot the ball, but in more advanced soccer summer camps and leagues, children learn soccer moves that will transform them from average players into skilled athletes.

Here are few advanced moves children learn.

  • Outside Hook. This move can help trick a defender that is trying to take the ball away. As players dibble the ball to one side, they will curl around the ball with their inside foot, and utilize the knuckles of the pinkie toe to re-position the ball in front of the defender. This allows the player to change directions quickly.
  • Inside Hook. This move is similar to the outside hook, but utilizes a player’s big toe, and is aimed at providing ample space for an offensive attack. As players dribble in one direction, they should loop their foot around the ball, then use their big toe’s knuckle to push the ball back in the opposite direction, kicking it at an angle in front of the defender.
  • Zidane Roulette. Also known as the Marseille Turn, or the Laudrup Feint, this move involves a bit more skill. The ball is kept right in front of the player, then as the player makes a move, he or she drags the ball back slightly with the bottom of his or her cleat, then turns away from the defender, pushing the ball forward.

When your children learn soccer skills like these from experienced coaches and professionals, they will have a better chance at improving their existing abilities. And who knows — maybe they will become professional players one day. Find out more at this site:

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