Three River Fishing Techniques Every Angler Should Know

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There’s really nothing quite like getting out to the water, line in hand, cooler full of beer in tow, for a day of fishing. Whether you’re planning to fish the famous Kenai River in Alaska solo or you’re planning to take a charter fishing trip, you should know that river fishing can be a lot different then, say, getting a luxury log cabin rental and fishing in one of the Great Lakes.

Whether you’ve been fishing all your life or you’re just picking up a rod and a tackle box for the first time, you’ll want to familiarize yourself with the most effective river fishing techniques before your trip. Doing so, you can ensure your fishing trip, whether on fishing boat tours or by yourself, sees you pulling some monsters out of the water.

River Fishing Techniques Every Angler Should Know

  • Bottom Bouncing is Crucial
  • For the popular online fishing resource Fishing Tips Depot, one of the simplest and most effective techniques is the so-called “bottom bounce.” Dropping your bait to the bottom of the water and giving the rod a quick lift every now and then will give it more of a realistic appearance in the eyes of bass and other river fish. That, as you well know, could mean more bites.

  • Set Yourself up in a Really Shady Area
  • As writes, setting yourself up in a shady area is one of those river fishing techniques that requires very little work on your end. You literally need only stand in a treeline to take full advantage of this one. Bass, trout, and perch are known for their keen ability to see fisherman outside of the water. By standing in the shade, you can better blend in, effectively camouflaging yourself from the wary eyes of your prey.

  • Find a Calm Area of Water and Wait
  • Yahoo! Sports suggests putting down your line and bait in an area where multiple slow moving parts of the river come together to form a slow swirl in the water. Fish love to congregate in these areas, so more often than not, you need only drop your bait and wait. This one requires quite a bit of patience.

Do you have experience with these or any other river fishing techniques? What other advice, whether you’re talking about river fishing rods or bait, would you give to anglers? Let us know in the comment section below. Find out more here.

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